M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


Can you link all of them? A single play all button and let folks click that link? That would be awesome!:grin::+1:


@Johnksg I will have to work on it. I can, it will just take some time. Only way I know at the moment is build a playlist from the beginning.


@jeffing65 Don’t do to much! But if you do take on a project such as this I for one will use it and listen to it!

Would be my new “radio” :grin::+1:


@Johnksg I like the idea. I had already thought about it some time back.


@jeffing65 be great if we can "post"songs to a playlists pinned to the top of the board!:+1:


We got the BEST playlist ever, and grows, and changes everyday :+1:


@Boomchucker It really is the best, and all of it comes from those listening to it. Cant get that from canned top 40 radio.
I remember when you could call a radio station and request a song. There was a station DJ in the studio spinning records, talking about artists and new releases, reading news/local community announcements, hosting live in studio guest interviews.
He or she answered the phone (only one there at night, around here anyway), and with an all but complete library of their particular format (rock, oldies, country, etc) on vinyl at their fingertips, could play anything they wanted for the most part.
MCarbo Radio , after a fashion, is a bit like that.



somthin different…


Not the official video but this one has a great roll of pics,


@GOBLIN I liked that. :+1:




Moonshine Bandits have range too. I’ve probably seen’m 20 times - a biker favorite:


Really, that’s :+1::+1::+1::+1: sweet. LOL Its like zzTopp for some people here in the BH I know and one of my best friends that lived in TX. Could see them any weekend for years. hahaha…


@Dred @GOBLIN Gotta say, I like it. :+1:

Alway love something new.


The Redneck from Michigan lol


Big cousin Earl son hahaha


@jeffing65 If I could ever muster enough musical talent to put a band together it would be something like Delbert does. I really like that bands style. Of course 35 years ago it would have been Van Halen lol…



My brother sent me this today. What a great orchestrated arrangement of the classic Pink Floyd tune🎶


@Boomchucker that’s awesome boom thanks for sharing that.