M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


Happy Birthday, Jeff. Have an awesome day!!! Not just an ‘awesome’ snow day… Big smiles!


Yes Still snowing here Again! can we say got our A***'S Handed to us this Month!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Up here in the hills we can’t get much of anything decent-especially FM. Growing up thru HS and afterwards it was 96 Rock only (WKLS 96 FM-strictly album oriented and arena rock) as I did not dance and HATED anything even similar to disco! Everything else was Top 40 It had one damn fine run-32 YEARS at the same format-from 1974 to 2006, an Atlanta record! It is and will always be infamous for their “Friday Five o’clock whistle”

They ran that religiously @ 5:00 PM-every Friday. One Friday in particular, I was nearly home from work(having slipped out early) and was out on the west side of town and as it began, I grabbed my van’s 2-way microphone, keyed it and kept it glued to the radio speaker. Little did I know that the company owner, the boss and several other big wheels were right in the middle of a radio demonstration for the GM Doraville plant in N. Atlanta!!
They could never prove for sure it was me or I likely would have been un-employed! But, thankfully, they made the big sale anyway and that is probably what saved my butt
There were 2 or 3 other rock stations in town but one played what I called ‘bubblegum’ rock and the rest were all Top 40 but I refused to ever listen to anything but 96 Rock. Back then, if you did not have a 96 Rock auto tag on the front of your ride-and it HAD to be mounted upside down-you were not worth even talking with! You were just a mere nobody! Ha!

a little more history

Wow! Had no idea there was so much on YT about 96 Rock!

About the only station I have found closest in line to 96 Rock is a small mid-GA station located in Fort Valley GA and it serves the Macon area- Q106.3

WQBZ 106.3 FM

Now? it’s either the internet (deep jams DOT net which I HIGHLY recommend!!!), CD’s and YT for the tunes I like


During my ROCK days I listened to WMMR 93.3 FM.



When in Reno, rock as Reno rocks!!


So have you had yer daily dose of MF today? No, I’m talking Mother’s Finest- one VERY popular local bunch way back in the day in Atlanta! Saw them at Six Flags Atl probably a half-dozen times in the late 70’s and they are still touring today! Why the lead singer-Sweet Baby Jean Kennedy never had a multi-million dollar singing contract is beyond me-that gal can belt it out like nobody’s biz!!

How they ever got away with this song and it’s title I’ll never know!

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I wonder if she is related to Harrison Kennedy?

Update edit. Not related to Harrison Kennedy.
However I found something more interesting that I did not know. When the band was formed they recruited Gary Moore to play guitar. How about that?

And @SnuffySmiff Great reply on 96 ROCK :+1::+1::+1: That’s what we want to hear. I know what it’s like growing up with no descent, or even modern stations within range. And what a big deal it was when one finally came into being or eventually got a big enough transmitter that you could pull it in with a good receiver. When I was in HS there was only one good rock station. KJOT 105.1 J105 in Boise, 120 mi away. A good car stereo and antenna would receive it in stereo without too much phase and crackle. And if you could get it then that was the only choice, otherwise you were an idiot or not from here. LOL

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Wow! Did not know that! Gary Moore was about the most under-appreciated guitarist ever!



I agree. And he is one of the masters. Like Clapton, Warren Haynes, and the like. I have posted some Gary Moore in the past. One was on oct 18 if you want to scroll back to it.


Yet another greatly under-appreciated artist IMHO is another slide bluesman, Sonny Landreth…


On 19 March, Eric Clapton joined the Allman Brothers Band on stage at The Beacon Theatre in New York City for the first of two historic guest appearances. Other guests that evening were Susan Tedeschi and Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule.

  1. Introduction
  2. Key To The Highway
  3. Dreams
  4. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
  5. Little Wing
  6. Anyday
  7. Layla
  8. Ending

“Never judge a book by its cover” “Great musicians you’ve never heard of” “underrated, under-appreciated artists”
Hmmmmm… we ought to swing back around to JOANNA CONNOR for a couple more, me thinks.


@ jeffing65

Yup, a Lita Ford she ain’t! But what she does with that Gibson is something else! Bit of a downer learning that she is one of them ‘bernouts’ but I reckon if I only listened to the artists I agreed with politically, I wouldn’t get to hear near as much…


one of the latest southern boogie bands to make their mark


Don’t recollect ever hearing of this guy before today (I don’t get out near as much these days!) but it is impressive

along with this near 30-year-old gem-I can barely remember Warren being this young:

another great classic-with a near-teenage-looking Derek Trucks


How ‘bout some late Friday night sho’ 'nuff blues?


two of my all-time fav bands-The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet!


@SnuffySmiff Gem indeed! And they do look young.

I almost posted Fall of the Peacemakers a couple of weeks ago. :+1: