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M*CARBO RADIO: (What Are You Listening To?)


Ok, you’re in your gun room, workshop or man cave, wherever. What are you listening to in the background? Rock, jazz, soul, talk, sports…what?? Put a link here so we can hear it.


This is what I have spinnin’ on the box tonight.

And here is one of my playlists with a few misc. good tunes on it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWRiiH2MJ2U&list=PLMdgWNiqmOe8tvxRWctMc6bkiRjEYJSWM



I spent most of the 1980’s in Seattle right after high school - went to every rock show that came to town. Probably the highlight was the Rolling Stones Tattoo You tour in the Kingdome with Bobby Keyes, Chuck Lavelle and everybody - we were on the floor 40’ off of stage, you could see their bloodshot eyes and the sweat on their foreheads - it was awesome. I like live classic rock, hard rock and Texican rock, the tiny little town I live outside of has a really bitchin little r&b festival that has brought a lot of old school legends to town. Saw Johnny Winter a few years ago before he passed and this last summer the headliner was Los Lonely Boys. Second time I have seen them - they do old school rock REALLY well.






The Voice of God is Government


This Los Lonely Boys Fillmore is a choice pick.:+1:
Chuck Lavelle is awesome. He played with Eric Clapton on unplugged.

In 94 or 95 I won VIP tickets to see Edgar Winter at Elk Horn in Sun Valley, Idaho


I’ve seen the Rolling Stones six times, beginning in 1978, the week the album, “Some Girls” came out. :wink:

Yes, I still remember that rainy day at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia in 1978. A very notorious Stones show.


venice_classical.pls - Classical radio from Venice Italy


Radio Italy

wsmr.pls - Classical radio from USF Sarasota, Fla.


WSMR Sarasota Florida

on the ‘cultured [snork!]’ Gulf of Mexico



@Phoenix 6 times - that’s awesome! Some Girls is one of my most favorite albums of all time. I have an original pressing with the banned cover images :+1:


I saw the Stones two days in a row in 1981 in Dallas, Texas when “Tattoo You” was the new album. On the first day, a strong Texas rainstorm rolled in. Mick Jagger was kind of “praying” from the stage and saying don’t let it rain. To no avail. The skies opened up, and it poured. To their credit, the Stones kept playing right through a drenching downpour. At that time, Bill Wyman was still their bass player. Bill attempted to hide under the small roof of the stage while the rest of the Stones were drenched. Mick Jagger made a point of doing band introductions during the storm. By this time, the ground area in front of the stage was like a mud bog with all the fans slipping and sliding. Mick introduced each band member. Bill Wyman was wearing kind of a pale blue “leisure suit” on that day. He was hiding under the stage roof and trying to stay dry. Mick said, “And all in blue, Mr. Bill Wyman!” Mick then dragged Bill Wyman out from under the roof so that he too got drenched.

I later read about that show in either Bill’s or Ronnie’s book, and they mentioned it as being one of the most memorable shows they ever played.

The next day was pure Texas sunshine without a hint of rain, so the two days in-a-row of the Stones were completely different.

Pure rock 'n roll joy in 1981. I’ll never forget it! :sunglasses:


Ha! Struck a nerve I see. Great variety of tastes. Got a lot of new streaming ideas. Keep’em comin👍

I stuck this in cos I play lap steel, and this is who inspired me :notes:


I’m quite sure you know this song, and the steel is all over it, isn’t it? :grinning:



Let’s mix it up a bit. Okay?

Shinyribs - Lake Charles


I really like this song. Others may differ, but I think it’s great.

What a beautiful voice!