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M*Carbo Optic Mount

“USPS” is all the explanation you need. I once had a package make it to my local distribution center, then get returned to the center it started at in a different state, them eventually make it’s way back to me. Among other shenanigans.


Got my optic mount today and had it installed in about 10 minutes. Now I just have to replace my Plano case since the sub 2k wont fit with the new mount.


Got my mount and installed it.
Very satisfied with the quality and design.
I ended up using an Aimpoint Micro.
My biggest complaint is the mounting rail is short…short to the point a micro red dot barely fits.
The rail needs to be at least 11/2" longer…I mean how much weight could that add ?
My mount has about a 1/2" on each end grabbing air…it’s enough but just barely…why ?


You can see there is about 1/2" of mount extending beyond the mounting rail on each side


I received mine the other day and installed it. It did take awhile as I ordered the day after release day, but I know there were tons of them on demand, so I knew it was gonna take awhile. The wait was well worth it thou. I went with the SIG Romeo5 as Chris recommended


I once flew from Louisville, KY to Orlando with first stop in Indianapolis. :thinking:

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