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M*CARBO Optic Mount Range Report

excellent my brother!


Here’s a few videos today testing the MCARBO Optics Mount on an MSERIES S2K. Tried 2 different optics, a Holosun 403 GL Elite and a larger Truglo. Shot first at 15 yards standing and when we were satisfied with the mount we moved to the 25 yard range to test repeatability of the mount from a rest. To be honest, I was freaking amazed. I’ll post both videos and targets. I was doing the little 2 to the chest, 1 to the head drill. Every 5 or 6 shots we would open and close the sight mount checking for repeatability. The MCARBO Optics Mount did not disappoint. I would never believed this thing could repeat so well if I hadn’t done it myself as well as witness first hand others having the same results. We fired well over 200 rounds and opened and closed the mount probably 75-100 times over the course of the day. ALWAYS came back to zero. @ChrisNelson, Team MCARBO knocked this one out of the park. You should be proud of your team there at MCARBO!

If you’ll notice in this last video I’m not holding the forend of the S2K. The muzzle brake virtually eliminates any muzzle flip.


@Texprep … I am ROTFLMAO at me dropping a cliffhanger in that clip. If you watched, I will complete the statement I was composing: “That was very interesting because the M Series Mike let me shoot was noticeably friendlier to my shoulder than my Sub 2000 ever was with the Kel Tec buttstock.” Based on that brief experience, I know understand why some folks speak so negatively about recoil related issues from the 9mm Sub 2k.

Regarding the Optic mount. Buy it! After spending a few minutes with this sample, I can tell you I’d have given double the preorder price and still counted it as a value price. The mount is efficient, effective and fast. Buy you one!

Mike, thank you again for letting me join you at the range. The optic mount was awesome and the M Series was a huge surprise. Since Chris will let me order a Multimag example now - let’s see if I can get my finances together to get one of the first examples delivered with the optic mount installed.

@ChrisNelson … I definitely believe I am not the only person that is willing to pay for a forend with m-loc slots and a built-in optic mount mechanism. It could be the ultimate Gen 2 (Gen 1 too) Sub 2000 accessory. Hopefully you’ll be ready to offer something like this in the coming months. Thanks for this finishing touch which will make my Sub 2000 everything I imagined when I bought it 18 months ago.


@Texprep @Dred Dang, good run’s there Mike and Milton, i got a lot to live up to now though to equal that. But I Have a couple of ideas rattling around…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
and have enlisted a Volunteer(he drew the short straw) to do the upload to youtube and film… He Just has to keep up with my butt…


I don’t know if there’s a weight limit or not. I can say I tested it with a small Holoson 403GL Elite and a much larger Truglo sight. Both worked great on the mount. I was actually a little worried about the Truglo because it takes up five slots on a rail and the mount only has three. I just centered the optic on the mount and it worked flawless.


I was looking at a scope 8 1/2 inches long but it weighed 22 oz,???

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Do we pre order through the website?

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I believe you need to call MCarbo and give them your forum username.


I’m also interested in the pre-order.

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You need to call in to pre-order. You will also need to give them your forum screen name. Only forum members can pre-order.


I would love to pre order but with all these issue am having money is super tight so time will tell if I can


This is correct. Give us a call 888-347-1276. We will likely sell out on June 6th. Consider this the pre-order since it’s only open to forum members. On D-Day we make the official release! Glad to see this mount making its way though the forum and all the positive results! Thanks Brotherhood for the videos and feedback on the testing!


Just got the mount in the Mail Mike, going to get it mounted up, how big a scope i will put on it, (got a old leatherwood I might mount up if the relief will get in the ballpark, since so far its been the smaller dots, im going the other way, ACOG, Burris Prism AR series, Aimpoint Gen 2 and the leatherwood, see if the mount can take the greater weight with recoil. got my lil plate roughed out ya’ll just got to wait n see… shoot date is monday… way my work week goes, thats my sunday


I did also run a Truglo optic on it while I had it. It is larger than the Holosun I also tried. The Holosun gave a perfect co-witness but when I ran the larger Truglo it gave a lower 1/3 co-witness. The optic mount handled the weight of the larger one just fine for me. Here’s a picture comparing the two.


the thought did cross my twisted up head, to chop out a adapter and mount the AN-PVS 2 starlight to it… that would exceed the weight of the rifle in scope alone just about… a individual would be hard pressed to find a larger scope to use :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


LMAO. I thought the same thing. Have an ATN NV scope and a Pulsar XD50 Thermal but those things with batteries probably do weigh more than the S2K, especially since I would have had to make some sort of adapter plate for them. Let us know how the swamp/gator tests go.


it is indeed in my greasy lil paw…


This has been an exhaustive testing program. I am impressed with the number of people who are testing the mount and the serious attitudes that have been demonstrated by the members of this group. Great job guys! Also, it is obvious that the new mount is passing every test that the members can throw at it. So, when it is available, I am sold. I need two of these for my recently purchased two sub 2000’s. BTW, I purchased the complete trigger upgrades and the butt pads and have installed those on both of the weapons. Thanks for doing a very good job in developing a reliable and solid device for the 2000. I will be watching for the time it will be available for purchasing.


finally the weekends here, doing my fitting up tomorrow to shoot on monday. was hoping it was going to rain, give it more real world conditions, but that aint likely. Hit 101 here today (in the shade ) so it will get a stroll thru the swamp between shoots. Got a couple of cats at PSA and my LGS wanna check it out when im passing thru. had offers to let me shoot there, but i dont like indoor ranges. seems to cramped up for me. but im happier than a bullfrawg under a bugbuster to get the chance to test this rig out :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:
get it all mounted up, get all four scopes dialed in basic with my laser setup(understand they wont be dialed in perfect, but i will group on paper)
I even buffed up my snakeboots today, snake ain even going to get past the shine to bite me :smiling_imp:
and if course im so twitterpated I posted this to the wrong dang thread. ooooooo moderator can you move this over for me to the Mcarbo scope mount testing thread please :crazy_face::crazy_face: