M*CARBO Official M-Series Thread


@Tyny, How does the custom laser engraving look? Can you post a picture or two?


I am happy with the engraving. I will post a pic if I can get good lighting. I may have to wait for daylight. I will give it a go and see how it turns out.


Having lighting or lack of good lighting issue and unable to get the engraving to pop, will try again in daylight.


My M-Series came in yesterday. I was lucky enough to be in the first 150. I got to go shoot it today… Shot Great! Here a few pics and one with the custom engraving. It also has most of the same upgrades in my other Sub2000


Thanks for posting pics they show the engraving detail really well. Did you get an
“Easter Egg” of some kind?


Not that I am aware of.


I like that custom engraving you got on there. That should really push an antigun liberal over the edge.:us_outlying_islands::+1:


Just pick up my M series S2K. Engraving looks good. Gonna give it a good cleaning, then off to the range.


Picked up my new “M” Series today in Oklahoma. It included the gift from Mr. Nelson (33 round happy stick). Have to clean and put some rounds through it.

Want to express my thanks to all the Brothers in M*Carbo land who made this possible. Mr. Nelson, thank you for giving all of us this great opportunity to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and receive a great firearm we can be proud of.


Like this?


Range report on the new M Series. Put about 150 rounds through it this evening. Like my last S2K the front sight alignment was a little off center. After realigning the front sight post, it shot good. I like the muzzle break, helps to control muzzle flip real well. Recoiless charging handle seems to help a little with recoil as well. The peep sight is going to take me some getting used to. My other S2K has the MCarbo notch sight and I feel quicker on target with it. Trigger tested at just under 4 lbs @ 3lbs 14.6ozs., about 1/2 to 3/4lb heavier than the MCARBO kit I polished and installed in my other one. Pretty confident I can get this one down once I open her up and do a polishing job on it. All in all, very pleased with my purchase. Thanks @ChrisNelson for taking a mediocre PCC and making it an excellent one. You can send my commission check to me, LOL. Two guys at the range were impressed. One says he’s buying the complete trigger kit, the other says he’s buying the M Series.


That’s a very nice pair👍


I said that to someone once and got slapped!!! :joy:


@Texprep Im going to have to live vicariously thru you brother, due to the situation im in at this time, I cant swing picking one up, yet, but i do enjoy hearing about it. keep us posted on the run thru’s!


Update on the new M Series S2K. After 300 rounds and a good cleaning, the trigger pull is down to 3lbs 6.8ozs, that’s without polishing. It is closing in on my original MCARBORIZED S2K which has been polished and has a 3lb 0.7oz trigger. Don’t think I’ll open up the new one for polishing until I have to open for some other reason. Trigger is smoothing out on its own as everyday use is “self polishing” it.


Sighted in my new “M” Series today. I tend left due to slight hand tremors from being over 65. Most shots dead on center were aimed at or slightly above the bottom of the red/white diamond. Had to make at least 2 adjustments down and windage right. When I moved to 25 yards my shots were slightly high and left (my old guy visual acuity problem).

Love the gun.


No sir. I do have the ETS, but had a regular 33 round glock mag in my box.

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@Goober6291 I was shooting that same target today. 10 yards with P320 9mm. I would shoot each of the 5 targets in a string and change the order every time. I took the big target for granted and it shows :man_shrugging:t2:



Nice shooting my friend.

I used 4 of the same sight in papers, the 1st two were really left and up. 3rd sheet was after adjusting my sights on the Kel-Tec. My 4th sheet was at 25 yards. It’s difficult
for me sometimes to maintain good sight alignment, sight picture and then focus hard on the front sight. I tend to wobble a bit at longer range and need to control my breathing better (I have COPD) from military service.

With your grouping, in a self defense mode, perps better watch out.