M*CARBO Official M-Series Thread


@texprep typically when ordering a gun online, the place you’re ordering it from (MCARBO) will request that your FFL submit a copy of their FFL to MCARBO. MCARBO will ship the gun to your FFL and you will pick up the gun at your FFL and do the background check and pay a transfer fee to your FFL at their shop/home/etc. My FFL does business in his living room so I pick guns up at his house. Easy as pie!


I am unable to add to cart? I keep getting a pop up to “please select one of the missing options below, in order to naive forward” there are no options other than add to cart?


@juventus you should have to select your charging handle, rear sight, and trigger first.


The problem I’m having is I don’t have an FFL #. Called the local FFL and they told me to have MCARBO call them and they would give them the FFL info. I can order the firearm and MCARBO will ship to the FFL. Once the FFL receives the firearm they will call me and I will do the paperwork and pick it up.


Looks great Chris, the engravings are neat. If you do an M&P run I’ll consider it to go with my M&P 9 carry gun, but most likely I have to pass. I need a good AR and revolver more.

But I’ll definitely be grabbing an optic mount!


If you are one of the first 150 buyers and don’t know what to get laser etched on the small space of the receiver that Chris shows you in the video, here are some ideas.


Don’t know if this has been covered or not, but in the video, Chris pretty much says that the Glock version is the Glock 17 version. The description on the website says it’s a Glock 19 version. So which is it? I’m thinking it’s the 17 since G17 is stamped that on the picture and the website is in error. So if I discovered this am I eligible for a free gift? Lol. Hint hint.

Also, if I didn’t know any better, I would never buy one at that price point. Having bought and installed all the parts, yes, it’s worth that price. But getting someone with zero sub experience to pay that, good luck.

Then again, I don’t think they are the targeted customers anyway.


Well, I ordered it. Need another gun like I need a hole in my head but what the heck. Wife is already talking about her trip to the jewelry store. Got it with the recoiless charging handle, peep sight, and flat trigger. Was one of the first 150 sold so I’m getting the special custom engraving. Had the Coast Guard motto “Semper Paratus” put on it.


Has anyone received a shipping date yet?


Just ordered my “M” Series Kel-Tec Sub 2000. Really looking forward to receiving it with the pre-loaded goodies.

Guess I’ll have to sell my regular Sub 2000, Gen 2.


Well, think it’s finally gonna happen. Couldn’t get my FFL to release the info to MCARBO unless MCARBO formally requested it via email. Local FFL said he hadn’t received a request from MCARBO. Went to the local gun shop (FFL I’m using) yesterday with a receipt from MCARBO showing I had already purchased the firearm and finally got him to send the FFL info. Emailed MCARBO this morning to verify they had received it and got an almost immediate response that yes, they got it. Sure is a lot easier to walk into a gun shop, pick out a firearm, fill out form 4473, show them my CHL, and walk out the door with my purchase. Chris, if one of those little extra “Easter Eggs” you mentioned for the first 150 sold happens to be a sling mount it’d be greatly appreciated.:sunglasses:



The selection and pricing online is probably a lot better than your local Gun Store. My FFL holder works out of his house and lives a few miles away, closer than any Gun Store to me. I purchase a gun online, do the paperwork online (for pistols because of 7 day wait) through my State Police Department, forward it to him and he gives me a call when firearm shows up (long gun paperwork done at his house)…really doesn’t get much easier for me.


This is the first time I’ve used this gun store for a purchase like this. I’ve shot at their indoor range a couple times but that’s about it. Found out that the person that taught my CHL class many years ago is now working there part time. Was told I should apply to work there part time to get the employee discounts on purchases and free range time whenever I want. Sounds tempting, but I have my own business which makes it hard to schedule more than a week in advance as sometimes my customers need parts manufactured ASAP.


Same here. Quick and easy $10 transfers and I don’t get treated like a second class citizen like I’ve been at gunstores because I didn’t buy it from them. :roll_eyes:


Did we ever get the answer if the M-series ramps are polished or not?


I haven’t heard a thing one way or the other. As soon as mine comes in, I’ll let you know. Have not received a shipping notice yet so no telling when it will come in.


Good news! Looks like the new M Series S2K’s are starting to roll out of MCarbo. Got a notification that mine was shipped today, to arrive next Monday.


M-SERIES is Now Available in California Compliant Version as well. https://www.mcarbo.com/kel-tec-sub-2000-gen-2-9mm-for-sale.aspx


Has anyone received their M Series yet?


Picked mine up from my FFL approx. 2 hrs ago. Love me some SUB !!!