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They do. Boxes and papers can easily command a higher price. Heck, sometimes they’re sold on their own.


@DivaMarie, @Wedge, guess I’ll keep all those boxes and receipts in my attic then. There is a large stack of that stuff up there. Was going to get rid of them. Maybe when I’m dead and gone they’ll give more value to my kids. Then again, if my kids sell my collection I’ll probably reach out of my grave and strangle them.


I always keep all of that stuff because, you never know. And, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t take up that much space anyway. :+1:


@Texprep As much of a pain as they Are/box’s seem to always be the way when your doing a (Honey Due) of some sort or another! :rofl: As far as to kids and gun collections
If mine sold them’ I would do the same thinking they were really Stuck on Stupid !:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@wedge I keep all original boxes/manuals/etc. i used to do it for everything and then the wife got me to just keep gun boxes and not the tv box, vacuum box, dog crate box, etc. lol


I keep boxes for most things, especially guns and electronics. R/C models, too, if they’ll easily break down and fix back in their boxes. Too many moves in the Navy and, as they say… Old habits die hard. LOL


Look what just showed up!!! I had no idea they had even shipped until I saw the delivery today!




Nice! Good sized shipment, too! LOL


Am I seeing correctly? Is that the older style metal castle nut?


Just putting some of the finishing touches on now with the laser!


Kel Tec is still putting the metal collar on the Glock version Gen 2 and the plastic collar on the multi mag version Gen 2


@ChrisNelson do you have an estimated hot out the door cost so I can start preparing the significant other of upcoming purchases that I won’t be hiding in the back of the safe?

Thank you in advance



New M-SERIES Now Available out the door at $725 (shipping + insurance included)


Order in and impatiently awaiting a shipping date :grin:


Waiting for a reply from my FFL. Never ordered a firearm without going to a gun shop so I’m not familiar how to do it. I am currently out of town but want to get it on order so I can pick it up when I arrive back in town.


@Texprep you ordered a pizza online before? Same thing! :joy:


@Kona, Do I just go ahead and order and have it shipped to a local FFL then do the ATF paperwork when I pick it up? I know that here in Texas I don’t have to wait on the background check since I have a carry license.