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M*CARBO Official M-Series Thread


I am well aware there is a lot of talk and varying threads about the M-Series and I’m not at all trying to take over that discussion, but Chris would like a place to make an official response and follow-up discussion for the M-Series.

As of right now I am authorized to release this message:

I didn’t get a definite ship date from KEL-TEC yet so I’m delaying the pre-order until I get an definite ship date.

No flip mount with the M-SERIES but they will get first dibs on one as we will be making 1,000 M-SERIES rifles and 1,000 Flip Mounts to start.

Yes Signature branding on the M-SERIES. I’ll hopefully have pics and a video this week.

We’ve got the lasers in house now and are still trying to get them figured out. We’re open to any branding ideas/suggestions you guys have for placement or text on the M-SERIES.


That is all the information I have at this point and Chris said he will respond in this thread with additional follow-up.


Is he reserving the first 100 for MCARBO members here? I distinctly remember reading something aobut that.


@Kona I would think something along the lines of Our Brotherhood :thinking:?


Sounds like it hasn’t been decided what exactly yet.


Really glad to see @ChrisNelson going the extra mile with branding of some sort. Something was needed to visually distinguish the M series from the regular s2k. Do have a couple questions that may be answered for some of the concerns/questions I’ve seen on the forum. Will the feed ramp, trigger bar already be polished?
I know that this an initial collaboration with Kel-Tec so keeping things simple is probably important in rolling this out without true custom shop options. In the future will there be a choice of NiB coated barrels? Stock and forend colors? Will it be offered in .40 caliber? Sorry to overwhelm you with questions Chtis, but these are concerns I’m seeing throughout the forum.


@Kona thanks Logan, that makes me feel a little bit better. Now that I think about it @Texprep and I both spoke with the same employee so maybe message was conveyed incorrectly?

Still a bit confused as to how if I preordered today I would have my M2000 within two weeks if they don’t even have a shipping date yet?


@Johnksg, quote=“Kona, post:1, topic:4525”]
I didn’t get a definite ship date from KEL-TEC yet so I’m delaying the pre-order until I get an definite ship date.

Think this may answer your question about the ship date.


@Texprep I know…I was referencing my call where I was told that MCARBO was taking preorders for 150 weapons that they were to receive next week. So if I gave them my $$ today I would have my S2Ks in two weeks.

Sounds like there was a miscommunication? It happens…


Branding is good, looking forward to seeing what it looks like. Most likely I’m still gonna have to pass. I’ll still support MCARBO via new products, optic mount specifically, but I can’t justify a premium price for another Sub when I could fill a couple major holes in my arsenal for less.


It is really wonderful seeing and feeling such support amongst OUR BROTHERHOOD. It is that coherence, as a whole that makes one look at things in an entirely different light… What a BLESSING YOU ALL are !!! :+1:

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I was given the same number of preorders, but honestly don’t think she gave me a ship date. My mind is in a little fog after reading all the concerns people are having over the M series. Hope this thread is able to resolve some of the issues caused by miscommunication/lack of communication. This is probably a large capital layout for Mcarbo and I can just imagine what’s running through Chris’s mind right now. Let’s just say that having been in business for almost 30 years myself, I know how some decisions can eat on you.


@Texprep back from the range…just gave my stepson the last of the G19 S2Ks that wife and I bought, so I definitely need more! :grin::+1:

Yes I am sorry if I am fanning the flames. I was told that they are taking preorders now, they are expecting to receive them in a week and should have them shipped out the following week.

Now this lady was very nice. She didn’t know what any of the features were going to be and was not even certain about model and caliber. She did follow up with an email with all the details.

I think at this point I am taking a wait and see attitude. I have other guns to buy and can wait a few weeks to let the dust settle and see exactly what we are getting.


@ChrisNelson, Back to your question as to what to laser etch on the receiver. I’ll refer back to my post a few months ago. Originally I said “Saluting Our Veterans” . If there is enough room maybe, "Saluting Our Veterans/First Responders*

Here’s the original post.

Something as simple as “Saluting Our Veterans” if you want to keep it more generic or custom ordered emblems or mottos if that’s the route you and Kel-Tec want to go.

I like that! It will have to be more generic for production. Otherwise they may say no completely if we go to far with customization. I saw the laser etching and it’s one guy running 5 at a time


keep it simple. celtic brotherhood symbol


How about a .40 cal option M-Series !!!
Many of us have a 9mm and have installed everything M*CARBO has to offer !!!
I’ll Pay and Reserve Mine Now in 40 Cal !!!


Yeah, I called corporate yesterday and talked to a nice young lady. She wasn’t too familiar with the M Program, but was cordial and friendly. I am still planning to preorder a Glock 17 version, but would like to talk to a staff member with a little bit more knowledge. Maybe Chris should designate an Inside Rep that focuses on the M program, might help clear up the miscommunication. See you boys at the range!


Hey guys I spoke to Kel Tec yesterday and they are done building the first 150 they’re going to be test firing next week. I’m expecting we should have M-SERIES rifles in 10 days or less.

Once I get a definite delivery date from Kel Tec we can open up the pre-orders.

Quick question: can somebody confirm the size of the cardboard box the SUB-2000 comes in from Kel Tec? We threw all of ours away during the move to the new building.


@ChrisNelson the box is 20.5x11x2


@ChrisNelson, Thanks for the update. @Kona is dead on with the box dimensions.


@Texprep Yes he Is! But I have been told the Original gun boxes add $ in Sales at gun Swap/Meets.