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M*CARBO Muzzle Brake

I tried to create this topic last night, but since I can’t even find it now, I’m thinkin I screwed it up. So, sorry if this is a repeat. I’m looking for info on how long the Mcarbo muzzle brake is. I have limited room in a cheap Plano case I’m using and just want to know if I’ll need something else. I like the case because it locks, but I’ve seen other people referring to one at Home Depot? And anybody’s experience with the muzzle brake would be great too. Thanx.

The Muzzle Brake and Jam Nut are 1.5 Inches long. The total length will not be added to your S2K as the Brake takes up most of the length of the threaded portion of your barrel when it is mounted.

Hope that helps.


Yes, it does. I have about an inch and a half in my case to play with. Should work fine. Thanx.

@Jperr Yes, you should be fine with that measurement. Here is a close up picture of the Brake mounted on my S2K. Kind of hard to tell from the angle distortion, but the Brake extends between 1 1/2 and 1 5/8 inches from the front sight jam nut.


This is great info that is much appreciated. This should work.20181229_092343


Jperr, what cheap Plano case are you using?

Plano 1071800 Tactical Series, Pistol case,Black, 18.
I got it on Amazon for $29.99. Guess it wasn’t THAT cheap. But it locks And wasn’t $100.00.


Thx! I like using cheap Plano cases for my pistols because they lock, and the putting them in another, more discreet bag.

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Some pics if interested. 20181229_112721 20181229_112814


@Jperr The Plano is the first case I purchased for my S2K and the one I still use when it is the only firearm I am carrying. I removed the original foam and replaced it with Kaizen foam that I then cut to shape with disposable razor knives as shown in the photo below. The case can easily hold the S2K with butt pad, a forward grip and light or laser, a red dot or similar sight, and with one in the firearm, three 17 round magazines and a 31 round mag for a total of 82 rounds. With a little better planning than I did, you might be able to squeeze in one more 17 round magazine.


EDIT: I went online to find the Amazon link for this case and accidentally stumbled across another smaller Plano case that sells for only $19.89 and is five inches deep. It is only 16.5 inches wide, however, which made me question whether an S2k could really fit. It turns out that it can as shown by a user review with photo reproduced below along with the link to this smaller, cheaper alternative.


LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Plano-10164-Guard-Pistol-Access/dp/B001FT4ZQU/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


A bit of a jam and cram, but it’s in there.


So I got the Mcarbo muzzle brake in the mail today. The crush washer threads with no problem. However, the muzzle brake simply won’t thread. And if I force it, it will damage the threads on the barrel. I’m guessing I got a bad one. So how easy are the exchanges at Mcarbo?



The crush washer should not thread on but slide on over the barrel threads.

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@Jperr I think you meant jam nut rather than crush washer. Anyhoo, I experienced a similar situation. When I got my S2K muzzle brake, it was the brake that threaded on fine but not the jam nut. I contacted Mcarbo customer support and they sent a replacement right away. I was up and running with a new jam nut within just a few days. :+1:t2:


Jam nut. Yes, that’s it. Kinda new to the terminology.



I’m sure you are right on that because crush washers don’t thread on, just didn’t pick up on it. I didn’t even use the jamb nut that came with the brake, I like to use shim washers to “time” the muzzle brake top center.


Well, I shot em an email about it. Now it’s just a waiting game. Probably closed for the weekend so it kinda blows. I was hoping to try it out tomorrow. It is what it is tho, shit happens.


I just shot with my Sub2000 this morning.

Its equipped with the Mcarbo muzzle brake. Mcarbo will make it right and its more than worth it in the end. I find it helps makes the Sub2k a very soft shooter.


Finnally got the new muzzle brake installed! Headed to the range tomorrow. How long till the rockset is cured? The directions on my bottle are obscured. I’m guessing 24 hours is sufficient.


my rocksett bottle’s directions were sort of faded too but you should be good to go!