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M*CARBO Marlin 60 Trigger Kit Question

Hey all. Does anyone know if the Marlin 60 trigger kit will work in a Marlin 99 m1 model? The parts seem to be very similar…Thanks.

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I’m wondering the same thing. I have the M99M1 and just bought a Glenfield Model 75. Have a number of model 60’s. From my observation taking them apart, they all seem to use the same receiver, bolt and trigger group. Designs have changed on the trigger group over the years (mostly on attachment to the receiver), but basically the same. I’m of the opinion it will work. But I have to compare the trigger in the kit to the original to verify it’s a sound replacement.


My 99 is an older one with the two piece feed ramp. I was having some
extraction failures so I checked out the extractors and polished the feed ramp
along with other moving surfaces. Then I replaced the recoil spring and
buffer with parts I bought from Numrich. While I was fooling around with
it the side plate for the trigger group came off and everything fell apart on
me. This was before Chris came out with his extremely good video on
disassembly/assembly and it took me about four hours to get it together with
the help of a Numrich exploded view. Anyway, I’d appreciate it if
you could let me know how the Mcarbo kit works in your 99. Thanks again.


@Biglou13 Welcome to the forum Louis. Poor Gary still has not gotten an answer from his post back on Dec. 18 so sounds like it is worth a try.

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