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OK Brothers. Who’s in Sick Bay? Out of pocket at the VA for a few days?? If you’re hurt, cut, otherwise busted up or sick, please let us know here. We’d like updates on treatments, and know how you’re doing.

We Care!


Well Wednesday is a scary day for me getting a CT scan of my right lung they found something in x-ray I had done it to see how big it is then biopsy and see what it is hope it’s not cancer that’s why I haven’t been on here much

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@Jefft1967 Hope all turns out well Jeffrey.


Not sure I have that good of luck but it’s life


Not trying to be negative I’ve just been sick for a while


@Jefft1967 I’m a big believer in luck. “I’d rather be lucky than good” .
That being said, most of life and the day to day business of survival ( including defeating illness and recovering from sever injury) throughout a lifetime isn’t determined by luck. It is achieved because of things like will, making conscious decisions, desire, refusal to give up, a good environment and nutrition, and something I believe to be at least as important as anything.
Something worth living and continuing to live for. I think, on some level, this is pretty much universally true for all higher animals. I believe dogs and other domestic pets support my theory. Although nutrition and medical care have increased a percentage of their life expectancy, a loved and cared for part of a family lives longer because they want to. In the wild, some animals when old, injured, or sick (even if not mortally or terminally so ) will just go lay down, stop eating, and pass away. It is a conscious decision.

My German Shorthairs didn’t live 12 and 16 years respectively, and pull through congestive heart failures and organ failures with chances of 0, short of small miracles on nothing but luck. The main reason they and their body’s succeeded, is because they wanted to . A conscious decision that influenced both the mind and the body favorably, allowing it to recover instead of succumb.

Hard not knowing, when it’s you. Always thinking of the worst.
Same chance it’s good news though, once you get all the info and answers.
Hang in there Jeff.


Am trying had CT scan today go to doc to find out what they think


Been there, done that. If you need someone to talk to just message me!!!


Too be honest am terrified I’ve had such bad luck lately I just want to start feeling better soon and get back to living


Well spent almost ten hrs in er today went to doc to get CT scan read informed them I was having pain in my right lung sent to er for possible clot no clot but no clue why am in pain do have a big nodule in my right lung though possibly contrast from CT scan irritated it


Well here s the kicker from yesterday’s kick in the chest day because the hospital couldn’t read my CT scan with contrast from a clinic I had to have test done a second time with contrast which bad for liver and a few other things hospital say I have a big nodule in my right lung but everything else is on no blockage in lungs or heart I ask for a copy of CT scan from hospital doc disappeared for 20 min s then nurse comes in and discharged me say doc told your ok follow up with my doc in 2 to 5 days no meds no nothing no copy of report I was tired so me wife left so got up early cause my chest is sore like I got worked over Mike Tyson so I called the place I got first CT scan from it finally got report finished so we drive over to get report I read it in parking lot it say nodule in right lung but also that I have a ascending thoracic aorta that is dilated which mean s I bulging vein near heart it’s 4.2 cm 5cm is surgery so the hospital missed that one so now back to doc Monday morning


You should be able to get a copy of the CT scan from the hospital or radiology clinic that is performing it and a lot of times you can wait for them to burn a copy of it (which is fun to throw in the CD drive at work to watch). I’ve done this every time I’ve had a CT scan except for the first time. And for me, the scan and radiology report gets sent to my oncologist and “lung doctor for review. Not to sound harsh, but it sounds like the hospital doesn’t know what the hell they are doing in regards to the contrast. I agree that it isn’t good for your liver, but it isn’t as if they are giving you contrast with every CT scan.


True I believe the hospital doesn’t know shit they missed the aneurysm I have but the smaller scanning or Imaging center didn’t hospital say no cancer no blood clot no heart blockage your good to go never go there again I promise you that


@Jefft1967 @Partsed Boy you Guys are full of good New’s Can’t wait for the fun to Start at the End of the Month,Having to Fly to lower 48 to Get the scan PT Scan and a Biopsy! Then if it’s stage one or ? to do short term Radiation or Surgery. Hopefully Virginia Mason Hospital has their Act together.


Sorry to hear that divamarie guess I’ve been down in the dumps with all this health issue I’ve been having I haven’t looked at or shoot any of my toys aka guns since last November hope you are ok be well


@Jefft1967 Thanks! Understand This whole process in these types of Eye Openers! Just blow trying to put all the ducks in a row, and pray to God your doing right One. Hang In Their it’s gotta get better.


The hospital is ranked very high on medical grades and I believe those rankings are generated by patients. After you have your scan and subsequent biopsy they determine what stage it is (if it is cancer) and from there determine what the best course of treatment is.(of course) :roll_eyes: Will keep both of you in my prayers for positive outcomes!!


@Partsed Well Sir! ya got my Attention with last post! So if the Doctor here at Radiation Center,said after looking at the CT Scan and say’s he 99.5 % sure it’s stage One Cancer, Then sends me to Seattle for Pt Scan and Biopsy, And If It Is He can (Zap Me) with a Short Treatment of Radiation Like a Weeks Worth? Sound Strange?


That is a good thing if they can hit it with radiation for a week and take it out that is great. Where is it located (if I may ask)??


@Partsed Top of Left Lung, Midships Top View looking down Approximately the size of a Quarter’