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M*CARBO HiPoint Trigger Spring

Just got the email for the 20% off so while ordering a few things i thought id see what they offered for the Hipoint carbines. See they have a trigger spring to reduce trigger pull, so was wondering if anyone on here has any input on this specific trigger spring? Does it offer a good reduction in trigger pull? Has function/reliability been affected at all?
Thanks for any input guys, and hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!

@d.kaufman2154 MCARBO has a Youtube video on the HiPoint trigger spring kit, about 30% reduction in trigger pull. I have installed MCARBO trigger spring kits in a few rifles and all trigger pulls are much better so I would think the HiPoint kit is no different.

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Thanks. I figure as much, just figured id ask. Figure for about $20 for 2 of them with the 20% off its worth trying out anyway. Add it to the 9mm and 45acp carbines.

Is there a replacement trigger for the Hipoint 4095?

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Don, I peeped around and found this.
Hope it helps.

Thanks @Captainjack88 !

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