M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*Carbo grip kit installed

Got the grip kit for my S2K 9mm compact grip and got the panels on last week. Have to say I am very happy with the way it turned out. Highly recommend it!!



Good place to start Brother. I warn you, it like a sweet addiction. Before you know it you will be adding more. I would recommend the recoil buffer (lifesaver) and bolt tube cover


Haha…nice, but too late for the warning…already have both on the Sub as well as the butt pad and a new front sight post. Also drilled out the folding rear sight for better front sight acquisition. Added a small laser on the lower rail and have a Red Dot up top on a QD mount.

At some point, I will be replacing the trigger assembly and I imagine just about every other M*Carbo upgrade in the books. yessir a sweet addiction it is!


Nice.got a set for my glock.ran across Mr.nelsons how to video and thought got have them! And that’s how I wound up here.i dig em

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MCARBO grips rock.note index point forward of slide releaseUSER PREFERENCE* I thought it would be more useful as a thumbrest.just sayin…