M*CARBO Engineers - Show & Tell

M*CARBO Engineers - Show & Tell

Hey Guys,
I’m happy to introduce our very talented and exceptional Team of Engineers here at M*CARBO. We are all very proud of what they have accomplished so far! I’ve given them the green light to share more information on projects we are currently working on to gather some initial feedback and input. Just like we used to do back in the day!

Please say hello and help me welcome Vlad, Marc & Alvaro to the M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!


Hello MCarbo Bortherhood! As previously stated by Chris, I am one of the design engineers here at MCarbo. Just to start with a little background, I am born and raised in Florida and graduated from USF. Here at M*Carbo, I am able to combine my passion for firearms with engineering by designing new products for all you guys! Stay tuned here to follow along and see pictures of projects I am working on.


Thanks @Vlad_MCarbo_Engineer for getting the party started in here! What projects are you currently working on that you can share with the Brotherhood?!

@Alv_MCarbo_engineer can you share anything with the guys here about the Metal PMR-30 Magazine that you designed, developed and tested so far?

@Marc_MCarbo_Engineer can you tell us about the Sig P320 Trigger your working on?


Hey everyone, super excited to hear from y’all. We have a P320 Flat Trigger coming out soon that I’m very excited about. It’s going to be adjustable for Pre-travel and Over-travel, with the least amount of Trigger Travel than any other P320 trigger on the market! The trigger breaks right at 90 degrees and feels amazing. If you’re looking to upgrade the performance of your P320 then check ours out. I know I’m excited to put it in my P320 when we release them.

Thanks everyone for being apart of the M*Carbo Brotherhood!


Here’s a little sneak peak…


Hello everyone, it is Alvaro, I am excited to meet you all! I am one of the engineers at M*Carbo, I am a mechanical engineer graduate from Georgia Tech. We have been working on a PMR-30 sheet metal alternative to combat all those frustrating failures to feed, with the objective of increasing the reliability of the PMR-30. Currently, there are no available metal alternatives for the PMR-30 and the testing has revealed very promising results. We will keep you posted with more info on this project!

Thanks everyone for being part of the M*Carbo brotherhood!


As everyone knows, we have the Kel-Tec PMR-30 Operator Mount coming out soon (Operator Mount on Website), and the reason for the delay has been because of the large push for a holster that is compatible with the operator mount. I have been designing with the team an OWB holster for the PMR-30 with our operator mount. As we are nearing completion, here is a sneak-peak of what it looks like.

Would appreciate feedback for what mounting options should we have available for you guys, please answer below.

  • HB Fold Over-Lock
  • Paddle Mount “G-Code”
  • Belt Mount “Flush Mount”
  • Other

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@All the above’ Welcome to M*CARBO ! @ChrisNelson You Showed Us the Video How many Years ago? on the Mount The Big Tease/Joke :rofl: ‘Put it Out for Sale’’ Already Have a Holster
Nice Job Guy’s as Always.


THANK GOD! I will buy 5 when they are ready.


Staying tuned in as im a cynical fault finder engineer at heart. Hoping to find some inadvertent defects, or my next purchase, either is equally valuable in my eyes !


Hello Engineers. Thank you for the work you do. Keep up the M*Carbo good work!


OK, so: you just got there; this is not a large engineering challenge; But - a complete replacement, longer LOP, S2K buttstock rather than a pad with screws. Or, at least a better slip-on pad, better than the other slip-on pads out there.


I just got a Project from a Friend - to work on a Walther PPX - needs a total disassembly to inspect parts (very dirty) - replace parts if needed- Polishing of course. But I wish Walther would offer videos of This disassembly - I always research and familiarize myself with the function and parts names - proper assembly , by watching videos’.
I don’t have any Gun Digest schematics on any Walthers- If anyone knows where there is a video - please share ( I have searched all of YT )…


This help at all? Not very descriptive, but shows the fcg/pin assembly in pieces…


Yes, I watched this one, and a few of the creed model. I have searched you tube for hours, looking for a PPX video of total disassembly.
And replied to several asking if they had made one. No answers yet.