M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats? 🥩

6.5 lbs of rockfish (striped bass)

Edit: the fish was 16.2 lbs. That’s 6.5 lbs of meat…


I dont do country ribs very often, but when i do …


Work bought two bushels of crabs on Friday for lunch plus fried chicken and snow crab legs. Somehow there was a bushel left and nobody wanted them! Pic is about 1.5 bushels.

So I had crab again today and still have half a bushel left after four of us had our fill. I’ll pick the rest and make some crab imperial to go on some rock fish and bake it for dinner tomorrow and I should have enough left for a lot of crab cakes to freeze!

Great weekend!


My son won his second game of the season today so he’s undefeated for his entire football career!

So he decided on dinner. Chicago style pizza!

And a movie night. I have a 3D projector set up downstairs. Bought the new Avatar. I’m wearing funny glasses watching it with my family while my dogs beg for pizza.

Amazing visuals. 7.1 surround with a 300 watt, 12" sub sitting right behind me, lazy boy style theater seating… I hate going to actual movie theaters now…

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