M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats? 🥩

A couple tips I’ve learned over the years. Get yerself a Weber chimney starter. They work WAY better than petroleum-based lighter fluid, which can impart a bad taste in food. A sheet or two of newspaper-or better yet, brown shipping paper-works best to get the charcoal going. It don’t take much. You do need to keep your charcoal as dry as gunpowder-it will absorb moisture and won’t burn properly. A dying fire works best-especially on a longer cook. No need to soak wood chunks before adding to the fire-IF you can control the air entering the smoker, grill, whatever you’re using. Welcome to a whole new cooking world that tastes 100X better than anything cooked on propane or propane accessories. :rofl: Good luck and hope this helps.


Wholly crap, that all good insight.
I wasn’t sure, so I bought a variety of charcoal, from the natural hardwood to the formed briquettes, not self lighting, bought quite a bit of lighter fluid as well.

So I had two of the chimney starters on hand some time ago. The ones made in the US (Weber) and the obviously cheaper in price and craftmanship/materials China knock-off. Ill pick up a Weber next chance I get and use the lighter fluid for the campfires.
TYVM for the greats tips.
BTW, on the first fire up…should I light up the BBQ and let it burn off any factory crap and let it burn out then start cooking on the second burn?


That’s not a bad idea! As to the chimney starters, they tend to last longer if you don’t let them get cherry red. Once a few briquets get going on the bottom, pour them out in a pile, the rest will soon follow. Once about half get going then spread out the pile. I couldn’t find the smaller version of the Weber anywhere around except @Amazon. But I live in what is still considered the boonies.
Also another item to acquire is a quality grill brush. Stay away from the cheap chinesium brushes. A quality stainless steel made for grills should last several years-plus you can throw it in the dishwasher. I just replaced my first one after 4 years of use. Once again, found @ Amazon:

FWIW, some years back a fellow in Atlanta nearly died after ingesting a single carbon steel bristle that perforated his intestines after using a chines-made steel brush to clean his grill…


yes sir, did see a good quality brush there as well.
I’m thinking to support local, the internet orders are closing shops around here.
I know all the pros and cons, just saying. I’ve ordered items online that just were not what I would have bought if I had checked out out first hand, or a product reference you noted here.


I agree and if there were more retailers around here, I would definitely shop locally. There just isn’t much going on here. The population continues to grow so maybe things will change-eventually.


Brreakfast of champions this mornin grab and go.

Cherry cheese danish and some oj. Lunch is about to be peanut butter and banana sandwich on honey oat bread.


Has that been in your pocket for a while? :laughing:


Not in my pocket but has been kickin around my shop for probably a month. The oj is fresh from the fridge though. :grin:


guys and girls, Lets fire them Thanksgiving smokers , fryers and BBQ up tomorrow.
See what ya got.


Lets some cooking going on tomorrow. :+1:

Larry :innocent:


I know there is some real cooks on here. Please share your turkey cooks. :yum:

I’ll start with the small Turkey I will do this afternoon.
I am no cook but love to try to be one when it comes to smoking, grilling, deep frying anything I can cook in the yard. :wink:

I have fried a lot of turkeys over the years. Years ago I just used a big pot full of oil preferably peanut oil when I could afford it. :woozy_face:

Over open fires it could get real tricky. Then came the propane burners so you could at least control your fire better.

Then the electric thermostat controlled. WOW it was nice and made me a little lazy.

Today for the 4th thanksgiving I will use the greaseless fryer. Talk about lazy.
But it’s much faster, cheaper and does a very good job. Several other things you can do with it that I couldn’t do the old way. Injection and rubs, seasoning ect.

Beautiful day hear in East TN. I hope not many of you are stuck with snow.

Here are some pictures of what I use for this turkey.

Larry :beer:


I’m loving it, so many different ways to cook a turkey.
Even if you have to downscale to a couple folks dining, you can get just a breast, stuffed breast, legs, wings, separately.
I tried a brined / smoked turkey a few years back and that was really really tasty.
Best to everyone on your Thanksgiving meals et al.



Yes, very true Jean . That’s another good thing about greaseless frying. And equipment clean up much faster.

Here’s the bird in it’s last cage :yum: :yum:


I like it, like the beer can chicken on steroids… LOL


Had a baked chicken last night for supper. So cleaned the rest of chicken off the carcass and made a chicken pie today for me and my aunts thanksgiving. Did a spicy cornbread crust on top. It was great. Didnt take no pics of chicken pie. But did take a pic of the garbage pie i throwed together for dessert. It turned out as some kind of banana pudding crumble pie thing. But was damn good. I only had one pie crust so i rolled it out even bigger layed it in pie pan. Brushed it down with a cinnamon egg wash. Made a filling from snak-pak pudding cups 2 chocolate pudding cups 1 banana cream pudding cup. Then i cut up 2 bananas in it. I folded the edges of the lower pie crust around the edges of filling then crushed up some graham crackers to fill in the middle for top crust. Brushed the rest of the egg wash across the top and baked for 25 minutes on 350. For a throwed together left over thanksgiving it was a good day with a good meal. Heres my last minute grab some stuff and throw it in the pan dessert.


Garbage pie. Never heard of it but I not into making deserts and alike.
You might have somewhat experience to put that together.
I’m guessing that’s not your first garbage pie. LOL
have a fantastic Thanks giving.


Thanksgiving day was too busy and crowded for pics, but heres the leftovers. Carcass was boiled down into broth, then sort out the bones for all the good scraps. Added some chopped breastmeat because it was in the fridge. Should be a meal for 2, per quart jar, to ration out here and there this winter.