M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats? 🥩

Whipped these up last night while doing some light reading.
They turned out great.


Tonight made chicken enchiladas with sour cream white sauce and for dessert i used the air fryer for some more can biscuit bombs. This time i made the fillin with peanut butter and banana with some honey for sweetner. Topped some with powder sugar and some i left plain.


Looks great as always.
I fried up some of these Atlantic salmon pieces.
The went well into a salad after they cooled overnight in the fridge.


Tonight was carnival style sausage dogs. Fresh green and red bell peppers and onions sauteed with some pepsi in cast iron pan. Then added Louisiana cajun style sausages put the lid on and just let them cook and steam for a bit on low/medium heat. Better then any carnival booth and doesnt cost 12 damn dollars each.


Nice, very frugal.
I know, handing out that much cash for a hot dog hurts when you know you can buy 3 packages for that amount and prepare them in no timer.


I love the carnival style foods but i cant justify pissin away the money for the stuff. When i do go to fairs and carnivals i usually eat at the vfw or police food boothes or some of the other charitable type boothes. Atleast then i know my money is goin back in to help somebody instead of just feeding some junky carnies drug habit.


I also bought the George Forman when it came out. Tried it a couple times and hated it. I cleaned it up good and took it back. Told the lady I liked George (he’s a semi-neighbor of mine) but didn’t like his grill. She took it back no problem.