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M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats?


@dave67 thanks bro, but lets sing the praises of mrs. @Don68! She has been fighting it since 2012!

That’s some pretty hardcore stuff if you ask me!:grin::+1:


@Don68 & @Johnksg
Wishing the best for y’all and your loved ones.


i bought and cooked a 12lb turkey for xmas i love a freshly cooked turkey but because i was sick all over xmas :face_vomiting::drooling_face::unamused:the dog and cats got to enjoy it:woozy_face:



Know what ya mean, brother! I was down for the count for 3 days, as well… :facepunch:


Did a little cooking for my folks while visiting them in Florida over Christmas, finished off the last of the 2018 quail, wrapped in bacon with a slice of fresh pineapple :pineapple: and a sprinkle of Tony Chachere’s…

Served with a slice of cornbread w/ green :hot_pepper: shoe peg corn and sharp cheddar, scrambled eggs, and more sautéed quail…

For supper; Eastern NC chopped pork BBQ smoked over applewood, slaw, roasted red potatoes with cheddar and garlic, another slice of cornbread, and two fingers of Bird Dog 10 yo. Bourbon :tumbler_glass:

All gluten free for Mom.


i be at yours for next christmas,


The more the merrier! We only cooked a shoulder, I really prefer whole hog, but you need a crowd or a ton of freezer bags. :joy:


Oh hell yeah! I’m going to make some this week.