M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats?


Hiram’s in Fort Lee, New Jersey, the best hot dogs in the world, bar none. The building changed ( a little) since they opened in 1936, but the food is just as good.


@Boomchucker, Debbie and I like to eat at Double T Diner. It is quite a ride but we’re guaranteed a plateful. We never leave hungry! LOL


Grass fed ribeyes and cheddar and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños with bacon caps. Hickory smoked!


@Patriot1 Oh that is a whole lotta goodness right there!


Thanks brother, hickory smoking is one of my other hobbies. We eat a lot of venison from “field to table” as we say. I grow blueberries, deer like to eat our blueberries in the summer, so we enjoy smoked venison. :+1:

Here is a bacon wrapped pecan smoked venison tenderloin I smoked recently-

Smoked apple wood smoked venison spicy sausage-


@Patriot1 Stop it! Stop it right now you are killing me!:grin:

Daumn that looks good!


We eat a fair share of wild game. I hickory smoked this 9# grass fed angus beef brisket awhile back. It’s a hobby I really enjoy besides firearms, hunting, fishing, hiking and camping, and farming my blueberries. My wife also hunts deer, dove, pheasant and quail.


@Patriot1 we have a good stock of blueberries, huckleberry, and blackberries in the freezer.

But now I have to dig out some of my step sons venison sausage!

Home grown just tastes better!:grin::+1:


@Patriot1, Laughing. That steak looks as though a female is ‘giving the boot?’ It looks good even though it is giving subliminal messages!


@Patriot1 Really Outstanding :+1: Look’s So good! With this Fine Group of Chef’s in the Brotherhood’ We Won’t Starve @ The First Annual (Beef&Brew)& (Meet &Greet) Brotherhood Summer Party When it Happens!!:grinning:



Its Pizza Friday at my house!:grin:


Wife is having a bad day after chemo, so it looks like canned “something” tonight for me.


@Don68 sorry bro…try dinty moore stew with tobasco! :grin:


@Johnksg Sounds good John. Out of Likes for the rest of today!!!


@Don68 I have a new round of radiation therapy on Monday, can relate, and NOT looking forward to it!

But I can tell you this for true…it is folks who care about us who keep us fighting!

Best wishes and hopes to you and your mrs!


@Johnksg She has been on and off it since 2012. Double mastectomy and hair loss twice. Currently has chemo every other Tuesday. Her spirits are still high.



I am sorry to hear that Donald, I hope and pray better days are to come. :pray:


@dave67 A big thank you Dave.



I will be thinking about you John, you are in my prayers. I hope you enter the New Year in as little pain as possible.