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M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats?


@Boomchucker Have to admit I had to look that up. Went to High School in a town full of mid level mafia types and almost thought I was Italian . Thought I had eaten every type of Italian food there was, thanks for showing me that there is something new to learn everyday.:grinning:


Do miss New Orleans for their sandwiches/poboys. Nothing like a good roast beef poboy drowned in the ajus or a good muffuletta. Damn, making me hungry now.


just had one, Duke’s mayonnaise fresh bread, rare roast beast, 2 thick slices of vidalia onion, hand full of romaine lettuce, sliced up Cayenne pepper(fresh)

think i will go make me a second now…


Don’t know about the wallaby but Kangaroo is quite good it ain’t a tbone steak but still good eating. We get fellow and red dear there good eating wild pig.

Are you one of those blokes that think meat comes from the supermarket.


@Craig75 from the market?! Lol :open_mouth:

No we are still eating meat from last years steer. Kids are all hunters and fishermen so we have some variety as well.

Home made justs tastes better in my opinion! :grin:


I dont think ive eaten meat out of a Styrofoam tray for the last 20 years, I remember about 8 years ago, girlchild wanted to stop by a place called SONIC, and grab something on our way back home, she got a burger, she took a bite out of it, and saying," papaw, this tastes funny"
I took a bite, and told her, cause its not ground venison ( with beef ground in 60%/40%)
I get 1/2 a cow and 2 pigs a year from a local farmer plus all the wild game i take.


@GOBLIN I remember seeing something where a McDonalds hamburger and fries were left out to sit for quite a long time and the look of them never really changed as real meat or potatoes would, kinda makes ya think what they are really made of. :thinking:


@dave67 @GOBLIN Same reason why I refuse to eat canned tuna from the store, or as I call it “cat food!”

My wife’s home canned salmon and tuna steaks hit the spot for a good sammich though!:grin::+1:


Craving the hangover steak burger

Scotch fillet steak (Angus heifer I cut up)
3 rashes bacon (pig I killed and cut up)
2 eggs (from our own chooks)
Lettuce (grown in our garden)
Tomato (grown in our garden)
Sauce (homemade)
Bun ( homemade)

We are a very self sufficient family I think you have to be these days to ensure the food you feed to your family is safe to eat and is grown using sustainable methods of farming


@Johnksg the only thing we dont eat is a lot of fish as the neaarest beach is a couple of hours away as is the nearest river it is one of the few things we occasionally eat and buy from other sources. Usually when the fish truck goes to town or sometimes we swap beef for fish with a mate who lives at the beach and is out fishing constantly.


It is a toss up for me between an egg salad sandwich (as I love eggs) or a turkey sandwich (and I mean, turkey carved off the bird the night of or day after Thanksgiving…


The maidrite in Quincy Illinois. It’s the second oldest maidrite shop. I always get two supers with ketchup only when I get back home. The restaurant has been in the same family since 1929. It was on dinners dives and drive-ins.quincymaidrite 20121126-231490-maid-rite-loose-meat-sandwich-edit


Favorite: A Cuban Sandwich


Rib sandwich Fred cottens BBQ Jacksonville FL


You guys are making me hungry! Told the wife want sandwiches tonight. :blush:

I have some smoked beef and a slicer…layer it thick between homemade bread with my daughter in laws home made mustard and the wife’s canned sweet pickles! :+1:


All of the sandwich’s listed are great., but I have to stick with the tried and true bacon cheeseburger. I am old enough and traveled the world enough to have tried most of what the world has to offer and the basics tend to win for me.


@Craig75 I eat fresh water fish and “mudbugs” crawdaddies or crayfish as their called, gator, palm heart and about anything you can find in a blackwater swamp, but, even though im close, cant eat a darn thing out of the ocean… if i do gotta take a shot, allergic to iodine… 2 shrimp, and the show is on…


@Flogrown, Kenny we need to go there after shooting and get one of those rib sandwiches.


@KM55 that place has been around forever. If you’re close to it and you’re not eating there I do not know what you are doing with your life


Breakfast burger? Or breakfast quesadilla?? Yes! I’ll take both😜