M*CARBO Brotherhood

M*CARBO DINER: What’s For Eats?


@Boomchucker that looks amazing!


Tonight, pub style hamburgers with toasted buns!


i be eating some of ths fella for many a dinner


I’m lazy tonight lol, chicken corn chowder soup.


Thats definitely lazy…lol. I made biscuits and gravy. One of these days I’ll remember to snap a pic


apple pie and cream sorry ate it before i took the picture :joy::joy::joy:HUNTER%20-%20WIN_20181024_070033


Wash your hands, man, lol.


venison stew with sausages and extra hot chilli HUNTER%20-%20WIN_20181024_131839


@hunter1916 lol eating dessert before dinner? Blasphemy! Looks good though.


tastes better than it looks i have a bowel of it for lunch 4 sometimes 5 times a week during shooting season an beyond [aprox 6 months] if my dietition knew she would have me commited :joy:


Not really dinner but we carved pumpkins this afternoon, So that means fresh warm pumpkin seeds!


Had a leftover bbq burger from the other day so I sliced it into ‘steak’ strips and flash fried it into steak burger fajitas😋


@d.kaufman2154 it has been so long since I had fresh pumpkin seeds! Haven’t really carved a pumpkin in years. Maybe time to start it back up lol.

@Boomchucker that’s a great way to use leftover burgers! I’ll do that next time.


@CatFood I actually bbq up a couple extra burgers just to do this with👍


For dessert it’s a six layer Red Velvet pancake torte cake. Cream cheese frosting.

I’m a crazy bastage in the kitchen :yum:


That looks yummy! Im not a bid sweet/dessert fan, but id mow down on that


@Boomchucker holy moly! That looks so darn tasty! One day at work thus bake shop stopped by and dropped off a bunt cake, red velvet and cream cheese frosting, I’ll put it this way, I called in sick the next day :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:.


Pano breaded chicken fried cubed steak with carmalized brussel sprouts with bacon, maybe some fingerling potatoes too…


@Partsed phew that sounds tasty!

Today was a nice cool taco salad. Quite refreshing as it was cooking hot today again. When will winter come?


All of this ‘posted’ pictures of food n’ stuff will make anyone hungry!!! My wife makes a killer cubed country steak meal with gravy over white rice. It is out of this world (so maybe all of us brag about our wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/parents/i.e) when it comes to the master chef. Is that because ‘we’ fear going hungry??? lol I will have to co-elaborate the recipe and gather pictures. I still havent figured out if she will shoot first before giving up family secrets? Big smiles!