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M*Carbo AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit

Has anybody in the Brotherhood used the AR 15 trigger spring from MCarbo? Just noticed that they had it. Will order if anyone has used it with good results.


Yes I did!:heart_eyes: It seemed to be much better than stock spring,But it’s the Only Upgrade I’ll do on my p.o.s. Bushmaster’


@DivaMarie Thanks for the help :+1:


Anyone add the mcarbo ar15 trigger spring to an AR10. I looked at them and the internals for trigger all look the same, as Chris stated the mcarbo working with all ammo, not sure if there would be any difference, maybe you experts could help me out with this. I bought two of the springs for my 5.556s, have not tested them out, but dry fire felt nice, nothing crazy noticeable, but I was just curious as I love all my MCarbo parts / extras. I don’t feel like pulling them to swap out even though it would be relatively easy.

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I just installed the AR trigger spring kit and it brought my trigger pull from 8 lbs to about 7.5 lbs. Not sure it was worth the 1/2 lb reduction. Not sure why others have had better results but I’d sure like to know. I was sure hoping for some better results, I even polished up the trigger and sear surfaces in hopes of a nice light crisp trigger pull…like I said, I ended up with 7.5 lbs. :frowning:



@Lazermule Welcome to the Brotherhood.

I don’t have a trigger gauge , so I don’t know what the pull is, but it feels lighter and smoother.


@Lazermule Welcome aboard. Interesting results. What else can you tell us about the rifle and/or FCG? With a bit more information, there’s some really sharp folks here that may be able to help you get a better trigger pull.


It is a PSA lower that I bought stripped and built with a S&W mil spec lower parts kit. Although it is a heavy trigger, it is smooth.