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Lubrication For The SUB2000


Ask and you shall receive. As I said, the individual pieces have been moved in with my other cleaning supplies but here are three photos of the case - which being a pack rat I kept. The last photo pretty much duplicates the second but was taken to get rid of the glare in the center.


Looks new !!! The one I used when a teenager got trashed in a move.
when in Jacksonville in the mid 60’s I had to have 1600 rounds of 12ga. ready and guns cleaned by 8AM saturday morning or I could not go trap shooting.


I have been using Frog Lube for about 5 years now, I know a lot of people hate it, they say it gums up your gun, never had that problem, it has been nothing but good for me, I know it’s a process, but I love the results, you wipe everything off but it sure feels slick to the touch, I really don’t see much wear and definitely no rust, I have been thinking about trying other stuff, but it works great for me so we will see JMO


I use Slip 2000 for my Sub 2000… How could I not???

Since I live in the frozen Canadian north, synthetics seem to work best for my guns. Slip 2000’s EWL was engineered for use on machine guns, like the M249 SAW, that see very high round counts between cleanings. EWL seems to work wonderfully for me.

That said, judging by the high number of diverse replies, it doesn’t much matter what you use, they all seem to work!


Militec has been tested a lot … It’s used in Formula 1 Race car engines, it’s also used in farm equipment and on weapons used in combat situations in contries with extreme weather ccondition, sand and dust bowls and with frozen high level terrain … Militec will supply you with any text data that you request …


Do you have a link, or other info on the Militec/F1 connection? I’m very curious, as I have been a huge F1 fan my whole life and spent some amount of time around F1 paddocks. I’ve never heard of any sort of relationship between F1 and Militec.




Thanks for the link. I looked extensively at their site yesterday, I even used a key word search, and nowhere do they mention Formula 1. I thought you might have some other information that I was unable to find.


They did a test where they dismantled the engine, cleaned it , reassembled it and put militec in vs oil and then ran it at low speed to heat it up … they disassembled it again and cleaned out the militec, then reassembled it and ran it at high speed without oil for 48 hours and this didn’t it didn’t harm the engine which was dry running… they had a video of it at one time, they might be able to give you the link …


Cool, I’d like to see that link. I have a hard time accepting this report. The average F1 engine costs in excess of 6 million dollars. The oil they use is basically a “witches brew” of custom chemistry, formulated for each team. The labour alone, to preform such a test would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m sorry, this test may have occurred with a “racing” engine, but I highly doubt anyone, any team, or engine manufacturer would ever allow such a test with an F1 engine.


Just ran across this. image
Has any one in the Brotherhood tried it?


Good information. Thanks.


Does the job and a quart lasts ages.


Great minds think alike. I keep CLP at home for cleaning. Lucas stays in my range bag.