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Lubrication For The SUB2000


That is all I use on my firearms. I have tried many others but keep coming back to clp.


CLP 'cause it doesn’t stink - i do have to resort to Ed’s Red sometimes on the bore - but CLP generally works

on the livin’ is easy Gulf of Mexico


what is a good model of ultrasonic cleaner. I wish I had one.


with all the polishing I have done lately should i treat these new surfaces with the Miletec1 ?
Can it be used on PCPs?
will it diesel under pressures of 3000 psi ?


Check out most any good PCP dealers.
it is recommended for air guns because it will not attack o-rings and will not diesel under pressure.


Black powder lovers in my area use Ballistol only. Ask them if you can try some they say “Go buy your own!”.


My first (any only can) of ballistol was purchased this past May for use with PCP addiction, from a gun hoarder in Newark, Ohio. He had a 18" shell as a door stop. He had damaged his hand pulling a spring out of a BMG two days before i got there. He showed me his wound it was just about gone. He used Ballistol


This is the one I bought several months ago, works great for all my guns. I use it to clean all my slides, frames, barrells etc.



This is the Simple Green cleaner I use…works great lasts a long time.


Thanks what solvent do you use. ?


Gun scrubber to start then the Simple Green HD…makes everything nice and shiny!


The Honda Cleaners work Well !


How long does it take to clean real dirty stuff?


If stuff is really dirty I blast and brush parts with gun scrubber and then put the parts in the ultra sonic cleaner two or three times. It has a timer that goes up to 8 minutes so I just run it once or twice depending on how dirty stuff is (usually just once). When I take everything out I rinse it all really well with hot water then take a blow dryer and dry everything thoroughly. Then I use CLP and put things back together. It has really cut down on the mess and hassle. To clean one pistol…takes me about 15 minutes and comes out really really clean.


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good insecticide from the makers of Ballistol. I guess just keep some handy on a rag.


Gotta love it’ Advise you Hell half the time I can’t remember the drill to sign in Myself!


Do you have the cleaning kit with it, by any chance?


I’m at work right now, but I do believe I have the metal case and most of the kit pieces.
I transferred the rods, swabs, etc. to my main supplies and the case is stored somewhere. I’m a pack rat and never toss anything except I think I finally tossed the gun grease in the picture because it was leaking everywhere.