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Lubrication For The SUB2000


I have never used Ballistol I might have to try it. I have tried a lot of cleaners and lubes but I always go back to break free CLP.


Anybody using that outrageously expensive ClenzOil stuff?


I started using Militec (hey, they give out free samples to vets LOL) back in the early 2000s because it was the ONLY thing I found that would make my crappy P32 and a couple of P3ATs run even semi reliably. That poor experience, which included me driving them to Kel-Tec (more than once) in person since we were local back then, is what caused me to swear off anything Kel-Tec for 12+ years until I found out about the Gen 2 SUB2000 late last year. I’d always like the concept of the Gen 1, but I’d never buy one. Even living right there in Kel-Tec land, I couldn’t find one anyway and, when I did, it was a used gun show “special” for $900 or whatever. The only Kel-Tec pistol I’ve had that ran reliably was a P11 and even that thing had the extractor claw break off a year or two after I bought it. LOL


The first Kel-tec I thought about buying was the PLR-16, that was back around 2000 and they were running $350-$400 then. I didn’t buy one due to all the bad reviews they got. skip ahead 18 years and I jumped at the chance to own the S2K for S&W 9mm. Finally found a carbine and pistol combination that use the same magazines. Jumped on one from Gun Broker.com It has been so much fun and I enjoy working on it myself. Now to see if it will hold up, that will be the biggest ?.

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Definitely. Now that real ARs are so cheap, there’s really no reason for the PLR-16 anymore, especially in non-nanny/ban states, IMO. Glad I got a good Gen 2 SUB2000…both times… Before and back from the recall unless it goes down hard for a parts failure like my P11. And, to keep things on topic, I only use Ballistol on my SUB2000 and most other guns. Semi-auto pistol slide rails get a touch of grease. :+1:


I use Balistol as a cleaner. I lube with Lucas or Wilson Combat or Mobil 1 depending on which range kit I grabbed from. I am actually liking the Lucas Gun Lube (impulse grab at the auto parts store) more than Wilson or Mobil Juices - it has a seemingly perfect balance between slick and stick.


Are you using the pink or the blue lucas oil


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I too use Hornady One Shot. I researched lubes online and found a test of a dozen or so of the top name ones. One Shot finished 1st in the lubricity tests and 3rd in corrosion protection. Steel plates were used and in the corrosion tests they were sprayed with salt water and left outside to the elements. Many rusted in the first week or two. As I recall One Shot lasted over 3 weeks, but the longest lasting was good old WD-40. It however did not rate very high in the lubricity tests. For most of us that used conventional lubes for many years it is a little different using a dry lube. No matter how much you spray on, after it dries it just doesn't seem like there is anything on it. The fact that it is also a cleaner along with the test results convinced me to try it. My results have been great.


Militec … Militec was initially developed for NASCAR use … The product absorbs into the metal, fills in any pores and reduces the friction of metal on metal movement … They tested it in Formula engines without any oil in them and it is now being used in Argi equipment as well … They then developed a formula specific for firearms … You need to actually heat the parts up prior to applying the product … The product also prevents dirt from accumulating, because it is a dry lubricant. Once it is applied, you wipe the residue off … It lasts longer than typical gun lubricants, but you will still need to reapply it on occasion … visit their website for additional info …


New user and first time post. Thought you might find this interesting. I recently found it in the shotgun cleaning kit of my father-in-law who died in 1979. I’m sure it was used to lubricate his lovingly maintained 1950s era Browning Auto Five “Light Twelve” that now sits in my gun case. We certainly have better choices now, but the gun is in great shape despite a lot of use.

Brian R.


Welcome to our Brotherhood. I still use RIG which is older than I am.:grinning:


Hey, if it ain’t broke…


Generally: if it rotates, oil it and if it slides, grease it.

A nice liberal coating of Ballistol for my Sub2K, especially while breaking in for the first 500-1000 rounds. Same routine for most other firearms.

For grease I have been using Supertech Hi-Temp EP Multi-duty complex grease from Wal-Mart. $4 for a big tub that will last a lifetime. Been using it for pistol slide rails, my AK, as well as my M1 Garand.

Ballistol and the Supertech grease have yet to fail me.


Mobil 1 10w 40 full synthetic. Stays where you put it and extreme heat resistant.


You nailed it Joe. R S


Militec the bolt and the inside of the bolt tube … install MCarbo metal feed ramp


I use Ballistol on my handguns. I’ve tried a bunch and they all seem to work, but they’re not equal especially in terms of corrosion resist. Ballistol kinda stinks so my girlfriend isn’t a fan and honestly it feels like it gets in my lungs so I’ve also started using Hornady One Shot. I like that too.

In my AR-15 I use Slip 2000. They have a nice lube (EWL) and grease (EWG). I’m a fan.

For my S2K I used EWL. I considered using EWG on the bolt, but I haven’t.

I tried Frog Lube and it smells great, but it made my 1911 slide hang-up in winter weather. I’ll never use that stuff again.


I like the stuff, but it really does smell like a combination of licorice and sweaty feet. LOL


I like to use this. You dont accidentally over do it with the oil so it’s very controllable