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Lubrication For The SUB2000


@Wedge Videos show use of a heat gun. I don’t know if you would notice a difference, I think the biggest advantage is it does not attract dirt.


That’ll work, too. Just heat up the metal. I used the toaster oven on the lowest setting. LOL


@Wedge What kind of seasoning you use? :laughing: Way to much plastic to do that.


That’s why I specifically said the “metal parts”. :wink:


@Wedge I assumed that, was just joking. I’m gonna give the Militec-1 a try.


I just treated handgun parts like slides and barrels and a few rifle bolts, so they all fit in the toaster oven easily. No lingering pizza type smells or anything. LOL


@Wedge Now that is funny, because those pizza smells have no place at the range…:grinning:


The miltec doesn’t interest me at all. The CLP is a quick and easy method of cleaning and lubricating weapons and it works. Been using it since the 80’s.


@KM55 Gotta go with what works for you, I wouldn’t try to convince anybody in using something other than what they know works for them.


Back in the 70’s I used the old reliable and still have some of it around.


That’s what I have been using for what seems like forever. I was going to try something else, but after reading this thread, I think I’ll stick with what I know.


Hoppes to clean,Rem oil for genera lube, miltec grease for the trigger components…


Ballistol is my jam!!! It has never let any of my guns down.


Hoppe’s guy here. Has always done the job. Plus, I can’t get enough of that smell! Dab a little behind each ear before I leave the house :cowboy_hat_face:


I moly coated (Marc Dry Moly Lubricant) the bolt, bolt carrier, tube, and all contact points. This is due to the dry dust area I live. 750 rounds without an issue.


I use synthetic motor oil.


I follow the adage: if it slides grease it, if it spins oil it. My current preferred grease on most of my guns is Brian Enos Slide Glide. For oil I have breakfree clap or use whatever I have handy.

For my Mosin, I use froglube since most of my ammo for those is corrosive I treat them like blackpowder firearms and lube with non petroleum grease.


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I have found Ballistol is the most reliable in longevity and wear-prevention in all of my guns.


I usually use Hornady One Shot on the internals and Hoppes or grease on bolts or slides for all firearms. Sometimes I’ll use Ballistol instead of One Shot. On the sub 2k bolt I like to apply a generous coat of Hoppes. I think it works better than grease.