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Lubrication For The SUB2000


With all the crap going on against us gun owners, who knows what the future will bring. Yeti, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other business punishing NRA members and those businesses that deal with firearms. Stupid people!


Well, hopefully Ballistol will live on because it has plenty of other uses than just as a gun lube.


I use Gun Butter on everything. Is stays put and doesn’t dry out.


I’ve been using M-Pro 7 for a few years on all my firearms, now. It works well in my Sub Gen 2, FN P90S, Tavors, AR’s, MPX, Scorpion, KSG, semi-auto pistols and my FN 249S. In my bolt guns, I use STP :smile:


I used the pink lucas ol and I am not sure if I will use it again for lubrication, just cleaning. I am going back to CLP for lubrication and see if the issue with feeding from the Pmags goes away.


I have tried the Lucas pink gun oil and I had feed issues. The after market magazines would FTF. I cleaned my Sub2000 and relubed with Break Free CLP. Went to range and everything ran flawlessly. I think the pink lub was causing a drag on the bolt just enough to cause the FTF. No issues today. I had a great time at the range and I love the Muzzle brake.


Interesting. I use grease on my bolt and had nothing but 100% reliability with the one non Glock OEM Pmag that came with the rifle. If anything would slow the bolt down, I’d think it would be grease.


The pink lub was kind of sticky when I cleaned the bolt and tube after my visit last week


Mobil 28 grease and Mobil 1 20/50.


“Weapon Shield” is all you need. Smooth as silk.


I have gone back to my old reliable, Break Free CLP. I have used this stuff for years and have tried other lubrication. Nothing has worked for me like CLP. I am going to stick with what works.


Mossberg told Dick’s where to shove it. I always loved my Mossies.




I understand Springfield Arms did the same! YES!


Have gone back to break free CLP cleaner and lube. All the guns work flawlessly. Sticking with what works.


@KM55 Found a product while watching YouTube videos, MILITEC-1 Dry Impregnated Lubricant. Read about it and very interesting product, got some coming from Amazon…but then again while in the Army all we used was Break Free CLP so you made a good choice.



Dave. Went to Militec’s website and read application instructions. Seems overly complicated with having to start with a clean weapon then using their 2 part application process. I’ll keep looking. Please give a report after you use it.


@Don68 Ok, did a little more research and of course you should start with a clean gun. Militec-1 is an application and is absorbed into the metal. It outperforms Break Free CLP because it is dry and does not attract contaminants like sand or grit that can jam a gun. I don’t know what you mean about a two part application but Youtube has some good videos on this product and how it works.


The Militec oil requires an application process, as well. You have to heat the gun up either by baking the metal parts where the oil is applied or shooting it rapid fire. I’ve tried the oil a few times and couldn’t tell if it made any difference, so I’ve never used it again. I do like their grease, though. The nice thing is they’ll send free samples to veterans.