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Lubrication For The SUB2000


Hickock45 turned me on to using Ballistol. Love his videos.


Please keep us updated that sounds like a way for us shooters to enjoy our firearms without the chore of cleaning them after every use.


Well said. I use what works for me, and have never has a firearm fail from lubrication. I have many types of lub but have decided on break free and lucas. :us:


I have been using hoppes gun oil with no problems so far. I think I might try Lucas because they seem like a good company that supports a lot of sports that I like.


I tried the lucas and so far it has done very well. :us:


I’ve used the CLP, Balistol, and Lucas all in the past. They all seem to work well in the Sub2K. Occasionally when in the field I’ve used a good automotive engine pre lube. I usually apply it with a small piece of rag or a q tip. It seems to work very well.


Check out,
BC10 GUNZILLA CLP" BIO based product.
I am using it exclusively now it’s replaced at least 10 other products in my cleaning Arsenal for me it does it all.


I have been using froglube for a while with pretty good results.
It might look a bit weird pulling out a hair dryer but it makes cleaning and applying pretty easy.


There have been so many types of lubricant listed on here I wouldn’t try to say ant one is better then the others. I would try different one and see what works the best for you. I am going to try a few new ones and see it they are better then my current ones (Lucas, CLP).


I have tried almost all different kinds in 30 years of shooting except frog lube. Don’t like the idea of having to spend that kind of time to lube.

Anyway I came back to tried and true ballostol. Smells like crap but does it all and it’s non solvent based. Been a around since Dirt was new .

If you have any old school shooters at the range see if they will let you try some.


I just use some old gun cleaner I’ve had for years


If it works then why mess with a good thing


That is true but but some day I feel like I could do better job


I just started using WD-40 dry lube for my magazines. Your never to old to learn something new.


LOL I went with Pennzoil


I have been using Hornady One Shot. It is a cleaner as well as a dry lube. The tests I researched shows it has the highest lubricity of all popular lubricants tested and #2-3 in corrosion protection. Being a dry lube it does not attract carbon or debris like most wet lubes will do. Also works at a wide range of temperatures. Spray it on, clean the weapon, then give it a light spray for lubrication, let it dry and your done. No excess oil to wipe down.


I use Ballistol. Great lubricant and cleaner in one. Have used this for years and it is a great product! I highly recommend it…also Hickok45 uses it so that is all I need to know. :slight_smile:


I love Ballistol, but it’s been getting hard to find around here, even in dedicated gun stores. Wallyworld used to carry it, but not anymore. I have to order it on-line.


I get mine from Amazon for the most part. My gun store has it sometimes, but easier to get online with the 2 day free shipping.


Same here. Just hope it doesn’t become hard to find overall anywhere.