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Lubrication For The SUB2000


All Things SUB-2000!

What type of lubrication does everyone use. I have been using these two with very good results.


I’ve been using the Lucas gun oil for a little while now too. Works pretty good for me


Good ol’ Ballistol and, maybe, some Militec grease.


I use whatever I find the cheapest. I have recently tried the Remington Dri Lube. It all seems the same. The dry lube for me is relatively new so I have not gone out and re cleaned after using it, yet some claim it makes cleaning faster/ easier if it was applied earlier as it drys with some sort of a polymer like film. Anyone have more unsure about this?


I like Brian Enos “slide glide” on pistol slides, bolts, etc…
Chris’s teflon grease works too! Everything else gets CLR.
Synthetic 10-40 ain’t bad either…


Anyone ever use Super Lube synthetic grease with Teflon on a firearm? I have a big tub of it, but never thought to try it.


Gun Scrubber, CLP and an ultrasonic cleaner to clean then some generous squirts of CLP spray lube on the bolt and tube.


Lucas all day. Love that stuff


I just started using the lucas oil, going to give it chance and see if I like it.


I love it. I use the pink stuff for everything. That blue stuff with the needle I use on contact points for triggers or carriers for rapid fire. Only lubes I use now.


I have the pink stuff, never have used it. time to give it a try. The blue (extreme duty) I use on the high wear points.


I’ve been a long time fan of Break free - since the late 1970s. But lately, every new weapon I buy, I treat them thoroughly with a product called Miletec 1. I borrow my wife’s hair drier, and perform a detailed disassembly. After that, I do a thorough degreasing of all parts with alcohol. Then starting with the small parts first, I heat each part till that part is warm to the touch. I then put a TINY drop of militec1 on a rag, and thoroughly rub it in to each part while the part is still warm. Any excess I wipe off, and allow the part to cool completely. I repeat this process twice more, for a total of three times. While Miletec 1 claims that you can shoot up to 2000 rounds through a weapon properly treated without lube, I just can’t bring myself to do that. I lube normally and shoot normally. What I have noticed is a real reduction in normal wear. I retreat with militec 1 approximately every 4-5 cleanings. I subjectively believe it makes a difference!
At a recent distributors show, I had the opportunity to talk with some folks who have developed a CLP named Seal 1, which is supposed to be a superior rust preventative if used religiously. I intend to give it a thorough test, as I don’t recommend anything I wouldn’t use myself. Any of the Brotherhood used either Militec1 or Seal 1?


Militec is good stuff. I haven’t used their treatment oil in a long time, but I regularly use their grease. They’ll give out free samples to military and (I think) police, fire, etc types.


Mobil 1 10w30 full synthetic


Will have to check into this stuff.


Miletec was developed to mitigate the fines found in Iraq and Afghanistan, which tend to gum up CLP, and decrease stoppages. It is a dry lube.


Ballistol on all weapons. It just works plain and simple


Ballistol has been Old reliable to me, and I use it to wipe down weapons that customers are interested in!


I just started using Fire Clean last year, so far this stuff is awesome, haven’t had any issues cleaning any of my guns. From my pistols to all my rifles. So far I’m over 2500 rds in my Canik TP9SF elite without cleaning it, every 500 rds I add a couple drops of oil, with no failures. When I get to about 3000 I’ll clean it and see how good it does.

I’ve used that Militec 1 in our trucks in the military, never used it on the weapons.


Personally I like the hopps elite oil