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LSI Citadel Boss 25 review

I acquired this Boss 25 from sportsmans guide for just over 500.
Whats included:
2 5 round steel magazines with polymer followers
5 chokes with the modified also being a muzzle brake.
A tool for changing chokes
A heavy piston for loads over 1500 FPS

Weight is approx 8 lbs

The Boss 25 is a 12 gauge semi auto box fed shotgun. It has AR style magazine and bolt release levers along with an AR style safety selector switch. The gas system is a gas piston system with interchangeable pistons for both heavy and light loads.

The front hand guard is very comfortable and made out of aluminum. It has short picatinny rails on top of the receiver, front and back top of the handguard and bottom front of hand guard.
It also comes equipped with mag pul style polymer flip up sights that seem adequate although I did attach a red dot sight I had laying around.

The length of pull on the stock is not adjustable but the comb is. From what I can tell it is not possible to change the stock. This isn’t a huge deal for me as it is comfortable. The pistol grip maybe changeable with another AR style pistol grip, but I have yet to test this out.

The 2 5 round magazines that come with the Boss 25 seem well made and are easy to load. They both seem to feed reliably. I have read that they are mka 1919 magazines but have not been able to aquire any to test this out. LSI also sells 10 round magazines but I have not been able to locate any. Magazines do not drop free but are not hard to pull out or insert.

The upper receiver is aluminum while the bottom is a thick polymer, this I did not know when I ordered it. It seems durable enough but only time will tell.

Trigger pull is very nice in my opinion, about 5 lbs, smooth with a short reset.

First thing I did when I got the Boss 25 home was tear it down and clean the shipping oil off of it. This is not a firearm to be field stripped. It requires taking off muzzle break, barrel shroud, handguard that is held on by 2 Allen keys, removal of the gas piston, bolt handle, and then the barrel and bolt. The bolt handle is held in place by a ball detent and it had to wrap it in a towel and use pliers to remove it. There does not seem to be a way to remove the upper and lower receivers from each other without removing a bolt and nut and 2 c clips on pins.

The whole shotgun was covered in oil. I used some break clean applied to a rag to wipe all the oil off I could. I then applied a thin layer of Hoppes elite gun oil with Teflon to all moving parts, then reassembled the shotgun.

Shooting the Boss 25 was comfortable with the expected recoil from a 12 gauge. Magazines fed reliably and I had no FTE or FTF. I fed it mix of; Winchester AA super sport clay, 2 3/4" 1350 fps 1oz 7 1/2 shot,
Kent all purpose steel 3" 1400 fps 1 1/4 charge 4 shot,
Winchester brown box 9 pellet 00 buck,
Estate 2 3/4" 9 pellet 00 buck 1325 fps.

These rounds were a mix of “low” and “high” brass. The Boss 25 had zero difficulty either feeding or ejecting anything i fed it. I am trying to get some low recoil 00 buck to see how it would handle it.

I am planning a skeet shooting day with some friends here soon to put some more rounds through it and see how the polymer lower receiver holds up.

***I paid for this firearm with my own money and am in no way affiliated with sportsmans guide or LSI Citadel.


@aadavis94 Thank you Aaron for a great review of your Citadel Boss.
Very nice. I am anxious to hear/read about your sheet shooting. I thought about this when I bought my
Mossberg but I was told the ejection system would not last long before it stopped feeding.
I played it safe and bought the Mossberg but I really wanted an AR style shot gun.

I should have followed the maxim get what you really want, not what you want right now.


That looks indentical to the typhoon f12 box fed 12 gauge right down to the magazines. Im willing to bet the mags would work back and forth between the two. just a idea for another source for mags


Looks like the typhoon f12 just has an adjustable length of pull and their “patented gas system” im betting they both take mka 1919 magazines


Most of those turkey made shotguns are made in the same plant with the same parts. not sure where the boss is from but it could work


@aadavis94 Thanks for the detailed review! Looking forward to more updates. An AR shotgun is definately on my long term wish list


@rob2 yep a lot of places just pay for the roll mark. Aero makes a ton of AR stuff that other people buy n put their roll mark on. Plenty of companies make both the name brand and the off brand stuff. Same product but one gets Charmin packaging, the other gets Great Value.


Is it normal to have to re tighten the heat shield and forward guard after shooting the citadel boss 25?

Idk. I’ve only had a chance to take it out once so far. I Disassembled it before I took it out and used blue locktite on the screws before I took it. It was still right afterwards

I hate SG but looks like a fun gun.

I recently bought a Boss-25. It’s the first semi-auto shotgun I’ve owned - or shot. I consulted the (less-than-detailed) Owner’s Manual, supplemented by You Tube videos to disassemble it, clean it, and reassemble it before taking it to the range last week. I shot a combination of 00 buck and 7/8 slug ammo with 1300 and 1325 FPS. No problems, no jams, just consistent performance. I like it. I brought it home to take it apart and clean it and have a problem. I again used the Owner’s Manual, as well as three different YT videos to make sure I did it right. I’ve broken it down and reassembled it four times and can’t figure out why the gas piston freely slides back and forth when the action is open. If I shake the gun from side to side, the gas piston rattles back and forth, sliding on the barrel. I keep watching the videos and seem to have everything put back together correctly, but can’t figure out what I’m missing. Any ideas? I need help. Thanks…


Welcome to the Brotherhood. Friend just bought one but I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it to take a look for a few days. I’ll give him a shout maybe he will have an idea.


Welcome @4mr1899 to the forum. Thank you for your comments, I keep thinking about buying one.
Please be sure to let us know how this goes.

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Thx, and I will. The more I watch videos, I may be overthinking it, but having no previous experience with a gas system semi-auto shotgun, I just want to be sure I put everything back together correctly before I take it shooting again.


Thx. The more I review the videos, I think I’ve got it right, but just want to reconfirm.


As I understand your action, you have two pistons that ride on your barrel. They are interchangeable. One is used for light loads; and, it is swapped for the heavy loads piston to shoot heavy loads.

I’m engaging you on this point 'cause it might be important. Which piston do you have installed? First trip out with my bullpup 12g I learned it was delivered with my gas system set for light loads. 1oz slugs beat it hard enough to mangle the dust cover ad seperate it from its guide. Manual did not give gas port adjustment any discussion at all. I had to disassemble mine to discover what each of the 4 locations actually accomplished.

I bet your manual is weak on piston selection advice as well. 7/8 slugs are heavy. But I think #7 would be a light load. Do you have an extra piston installed that is loose on your barrel? Crazy questions … hope some are helpful.


Good points. Yes, the Boss-25 came with two pistons, yes the “manual” is sorely lacking, and yes, out of the box, it’s with the light load piston option. I didn’t even think about that. It takes either 2-3/4” or 3” shells, but to avoid jams, it’s recommended not to shoot less than 1300FPS loads. I read somewhere that you should switch to the heavy load piston if you shoot 1500FPS or above. Since I was shooting 2-3/4” 9-pellet 00 buck and 2-3/4” 7/8oz slugs at 1300 & 1350 FPS, I didn’t even think about the heavy load piston option. One more thing to address. Thanks for the input.


That’s crazy! I just got the Boss and on the barrel, under the shroud, it says

“CITADEL Boss-25 12 Ga. 3” Chamber
“Made in Turkey by Francolin Arms”

The info I saw said it was supposedly made in the Philippines. Go figure.

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I took my Boss-25 over to my local shooting range and got the armorer to listen to my concerns about the gas piston movement and to take a look at it. He wasn’t initially familiar with the specific model but is factory trained and certified by nearly all the major manufacturers. We went over the assembly process together and he couldn’t see where I’d done anything wrong; figures everything is the way it should be. He said he’s never seen the gas piston move that far on other shotguns, said piston travel is usually limited to only an inch or so; but confirmed it has to move freely to allow for release of the gas and said this is a design he hasn’t seen before. I’ve got some more 00 buck on the way and will take it back over to the range to shoot, but feel a whole lot better about it since having an expert take a look at it. Thanks for everybody’s comments. I’ll follow-up after running some more 00 buck and slugs through it.

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Videos or it didn’t happen!