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Low Profile Picatinny Rail - Ruger PC Carbine

Hey there! Brand new here but been a long time user of MCARBO upgrades.

I was wondering if MCARBO is working on a low profile picatinny rail segment for the Ruger PC Carbine 19122 for the MOE front end so it will line up with the rear picatinny rail for a longer sight radius.

Thanks all!


Welcome to the forum @Delta_6

What kind of sights are you looking to add? The rear pic rail sits very low…too low…:rage:

Might be some help for you here…

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Sadly, I don’t think Mcarbo is working on much of anything anymore. :disappointed:


@Jperr Well they got a few New Solutions Out on the PMR and a New Red Dot Mount for the Burris Fast Fire,That’s Just about done, and you still have the Iron sights under it to see and use.


Any sights that will work. Im just having trouble sourcing that low profile rail. I know that Arisaka makes one but you’d still have to get the MBUS Pro LR.

Is there any other option?? I think MCARBO would sell out if they made the right height for a mount


Go to M*Carbo Site and look at new Solutions or PMR 30 parts

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