Lousy Cheap Red/Green Dot Optic


@DivaMarie I totally agree. I’m going to look into this and see what I can find. How high do you want the actual red dot itself off the top picatinny rail?

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Fast Fire 3 to co witness with stock sights


@DivaMarie That’s exactly where I want to be at with mine, I like the height of the iron sights.

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@DivaMarie So this is what I found out.

The white string shows Burris Fastfire 3 sits about 1/4" high with my American Defense QD mount which has about a 1/4" riser on it (look at pic). Use the Burris base plate with picatinny mount, then mount that on a picatinny mount with a QD that has no riser. I don’t know if it will be perfect co-witness but should be very close. Buy a cheap QD mount to see if it is close to what you want then go from there. I like this red dot height on my Sub, I just fold my front and rear sights down to use it.


on my gen 1, to cowittness with a .500 QD mount, I ended up shaving roughly 1/8 off the bottom of the plate on the fast fire.(fastfire 1 i picked up for 50$) (just under .125. final measurement was .086) it was close, but the hump(where your fastfire has the vertical white line) I could see in the very bottom of the sight picture. sorta like 7/8 of a circle with a flat on the bottom. I probably coulda lived with it, but im kinda OCD that way… also that is on a red lion fore-arm



In my day that meant you were a man who “pays attention to details!”


My God Damn Hero ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Is the Frt Sight a Red Lion or ?? And is it Same Height of Factory. Of Course ya Know’ I have to get the Orange Chevron or Yellow’ :sunglasses: Thanks again for the Great Pictures and INFO’


@DivaMarie It is a Red Lion and looks to be the same height as factory Sub. And yes, the chevron is a huge improvement in any color.


I’ve been using Sig Romeo5’s on lots of my rifles and love em! I think I have 9 of them in use and probably 5 or 6 more waiting to be mounted. They’re currently running roughly $129 and you can get both the CR2032 and AAA models at that price point. They also fit perfectly on the Midwest Industries S2K mount and come with both low and high bases for regular mounting applications. The auto off / jiggle on feature gives some 50,000 hours of battery life and I recommend changing them out at daylight savings time with your smoke detectors. Can’t say enough good about them in my opinion. I haven’t found any negatives to speak of!!!


Replaced the red dot with the Atibal that Kona recommend. Have it zeroed to 15 yards. That covers what I need it to cover.


Up to 1500 rounds and the red dot is awesome. Thanks Kona.