Lousy Cheap Red/Green Dot Optic


Guys thank you for the information. Now it’s time to do the homework on all these optics and find which one is the best one for me.


Just makes you wonder why we all took the chance on the Sub2000’s. I had always regarded Kel Tec as second rate cheap stuff. Now I own three of their weapons. The S2K really surprised me and with the MCARBO parts it’s a great little carbine. This definitely changed my mind on Kel Tec products.


@KM55 Keltec doesn’t fall into that category so much for me. They’re guilty pleasure, fun, range, competition guns. The sub 2000 specifically serves its purpose for me with its light weight and ergonomics. I wasn’t saving up to buy something better because I specifically wanted the sub 2000 and it’s best in class as far as I’m concerned in relation to Beretta Storm, Hipoint, Ruger PC9, etc.


Me, too, on that last part. I took a chance on it because there was nothing else like it on the market with the fully folding feature, taking Glock mags, etc. If there were, I would have bought that one.


Same for me, the folding feature was the reason I bought it.


LOL price was right, and i get a lot of problem children in. got a CTME in 308 i had to tweak, a dirt cheap Rock Island GI model ( guy bought it, decided it was junk after a half a box of cartridges, kept getting FTFs on 3 and 4 round, bought it for $100. )tried my stock colt mags in it,(7R) flawless.tried the RI mag (8 R)FTF. My PW 87, same. guy bought it, it was so gritty on action by the 3rd round it was damn near dragging to eject, $150, and i lapped internals for 2 days on a marble block, smoothe as butter at over 1000 RC… get a lot of lever winchester 30/30s, closet fresh, rust speckled, nasty, hadnt been cleaned except for the next round, my model 29 SW was a sock drawer special, bad outta time, taped on grips, almost plum brown from surface rust, got it tight, and sent it off for a satin blue… waiting on that to come back now… never had a mechanical issue with the Gen 1, over 1000RC , now time to tear down, and install the upgrades, and start RC at 0000 all over again.

what can i say, im a gearhead at heart. love to tweak on firearms…


My RIA Commander sized 1911 had a very similar issue out of the box and not even aftermarket mags (good ones like ETS) didn’t help. But, it was a very easy fix with just having to tweak the extractor tension. It feeds everything from any brand of magazine. :+1:


Just a couple of fast fire 3 on the "The Old PMR’’ Still waiting for a mount from Some One? for the Sub 2k I like them both 2& 3 no complaints Life Time Unconditional Warranty’


@DivaMarie I also have Burris Fastfire 2 & 3, really like them both and never had any issues. I have many Burris optics, they make good stuff. You are waiting for a mount to mount a Fastfire on the Sub?..why not just a picatinny plate for the Fastfire with a riser?


what i found on my fastfire, dave, on the sub, was a .500 qd mount, was just too tall to co witness, I had to machine the lower plate on the fastfire, just that lil bit, to get a full sight picture center with out seeing a flat of the unit at 6 oclock. if someone made a 7/16 rise QD mount, it would be perfect… but that is on a gen 1 sub with a red lion…


my pre-sub 2000 pack rifle. sub is a piece of cake to tweak compared to one of these. I literally replaced every part, from the BG, to the springs set and trigger, mag release, safety, and finally the barrel,(due to the fact the original was alloy with a stainless liner, when they cast it the middle of the liner sagged, almost 1/4 inch so the bullet was going down hill then uphill and out.
you could look down the bore and see a oval, not a circle) LOLOL no such thing as a lost cause firearm… I give you the Charter arms AR-7

only part left original on mine is the alloy receiver… I sure hope Henry worked the bugs out of em.


you use the Atibal MCRD pro? optic planet is selling it for $73.99 does that sound right to you.

Also found this one.


@KM55 yep. It’s not a big name so they sell way under their value. I’ve beat the crap out of them and the glass is crystal clear, holds zero, and they’re well made. They make higher priced models too. Buy confidently or save up for the holosun.


If they hold up under you competition shooting that’s good enough for me. Thank you for the information have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I ordered the ATIBAL AT-MCRD low profile since I am mounting it on the MWI mount. I ordered the one with 18 levels of illumination. with free shipping and 20% off.


@km55 you will be happy. I love Atibal. They are tanks and have real nice glass! They’re not Trijicon or anything but the price you pay is way under their value.


I will find out soon, I’m hoping it gets here before our December shooting on the 16th. Just checked FedEx and it will be here o the 28th of November.


@KM55 Opticsplanet free delivery is poop. It’s called smartpost and Fedex delivers it 90% of the way and then delivers to USPS and they deliver the final leg. It takes forever and has a horrible potential for losing stuff.


That will suck, our postal service is crap. My brother sent a birthday card to me back on October 20th so I would get in time for my B-day on the 6th of Nov. It arrived the 19 of November. I will be lucky to get it by Christmas.


Because they don’t Offer One with a Quick Disconnect, I’m Lazy I don’t want to Unscrew and Screw it Every time and worry about Sub Zero’

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