Lousy Cheap Red/Green Dot Optic


My red/green dot washes out in sunlight making it worthless. I need your inputs on a good medium priced red/green dot optic for my sub2000. Looking for something in the $100-$200 range, that will work in bright sunlight. This is what my current POS looks like, mounted on the MWI swivel mount.


@KM55 The Bushnell TSR-25 has been mentioned many times throughout the forum as an affordable desent quality red dot. It’s different than a reflex whereas the dot would be more protected from the sun? AC_SY400


The Holosun 510c has been mentioned numerous times. I have no personal experience with it. All my guns are topped with Atibal MCRD Pro’s which I think are awesome and work great.


Holosun 510c, I’ve only heard it’s a little large in size for the Sub?opplanet-holosun-open-reflex-hs510c-flat-dark-earth-hs510c-fde-r-28y-rd-orfhgr-hs510c-fde-r-main-1


Atibal AT-MCRD Pro, if Logan uses it then it is worth looking at.:wink: An advantage is that it uses an easy to find AAA battery.:+1:Atibal-AT-MCRD-Pro-Micro-Red-Dot-Sight-AT-MCRD-PRO


bushnell TSR-25 @ Primary Arms

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I have 4 of these and shoot in full sun at the 50/100 yd range (S2K .40)

They have one with radial adjustment for $139.00

Here is a 100yd target full sun power setting on Dot 4 settings up from off

click on picture to see full picture. Shot in cross wind5-8mph


trueglow tritontriton%2020mm%20truglow%20
the 20 mm. just walked outside with it. on brite, (3 colors, 3 settings per color) I got within 1/2 directly at the sun, before i lost the dot. dont think the dot went away, my eyes couldnt stand it… 5MOA sight, between $70 and $125. comes with a high and low base. batt is located under the cap on the switch knob. common size.


The Holosun 510C, especially the green dot Elite version is $275+, so that’s out of his $100-200 price range. I think I paid about $330 for my Elite.


I don’t think so. It doesn’t look out of place to me on mine. It may be a little taller than others, but it also already incorporates an excellent quick disconnect mount/riser that co-witnesses perfectly with the MCARBO rear peep sight and stock front sight. It may be a little more “square” than others, but that just gives it a nice, big viewing window.


@Wedge if he’s gonna spend $200 he might as well squeeze in the extra $75 and get something that’ll work and last.


Agreed. But, people often get mad when something is suggested out of their price range. I’ve seen it a bunch. LOL

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I ran the Holosun dot tube without any problem. It is at the top of your budget. I chose the version with shake to wake but w/o solar as I do an annual fresh battery weekend in December.

I like Holosun’s circle-dot reticle but it can be run with dot only if that’s your preference.

Just a note ‘cause the Bushnell TRS 25 has a compelling price … be careful. Amazon is littered with fake TRS’ - hard to understand why someone would fake a value optic, but they have. Buy from a Bushnell dealer if you try a TRS.


@KM55 I would recommend a Truglo red-dot, the one my wife uses is about 8 years old, seen duty on shotguns, co-witnesses perfectly with sights on S2K and can be had for less than $75.

It is a tube/red-dot so not as sleek as a holo-sight but it just works well!


SightMark Reflex Mil-Spec red dot sight $150. Super bright, fully adjustable. I like it on ‘dot only’. One review of Best Imports said the only thing wrong with it is it’s not an Eotech.


@KM55 Have a Truglo on a shotgun,TRS-25 on the sub, and a Sightmark Zombi on the AR. I like all 3.


My Holosun 510C isn’t any bigger than that and that optic looks just fine on the S2K to me. :+1:


Large might not be bad for these old eyes


Kona if I find something that cost a little bit more. I will have to save a few more dollars to get it. Right now the gun stuff fund is low. Just purchased the pmr30 &CMR30. I am going to check out all of the suggestions and decide what will work the best and fit on the MWI mount


I’m a firm believer in that. So many people will buy something subpar because that’s what they can afford at the time but I say if you can spend X amount of dollars for something that might be ok then you can be patient and save X amount of dollars more for something that’s proven and you will be satisified with. :+1:t2: