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Lost sear axis pin


So I recently got the full trigger kit and everything was going great until I realized I misplaced the sear axis pin.

I checked the keltec website it is a $1 part that I have spent at least 4 hours looking for now lol. Issue is I am in Canada and they don’t seem to ship out of U.S. without calling and making special arrangements.

I came up with the idea of removing the poly bushing from stock hammer pin and after hitting it with a bic lighter it slid off with ease. My question to you all is what is the length of sear axis pin? I think I need to take about an 3/16 off this pin. Would be great if someone had a measurement or quick pic of sear pin next to trigger or trigger bar pin for reference Thanks!


Any friends in the US that could send you a birthday card? Or a pen?


@Moosecall Hey Marc. Can you help here? I know you have a pretty good supplier up in Canada.


Hey Brian

What’s the deal?

What do you need?



@novilerrascal needs the sear axis pin for a S2K. Any direction you can send him in? I know you have been an excellent go-to guy for other folks in Canada that are looking for parts.
See original post.

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Not sure this is helpful or not.

Check with this company in London Ontario.


Problem: Bulleyenorth is a redistributor of a lot of SUB2000 aftermarket and upgrades. The pin your looking for might only be available as part of the “kit” upgrade, which doesn’t really help source the pin itself unless you buy another kit.

Anyway worth a phone call. BTW, they do not stock the Missouri Tactical But Stock, so some items restricted to the US only might not be on their shelves.

Best of luck.


I actually have a buddy in Texas but I just went ahead and started shortening the hammer pin until the grips fit back together. Worked like a charm! I still might see if my buddy will send me up some spare parts, if I had a spare hammer I would try the Mcarbo kit combined with some hammer modifications I came across on a site called kitchen table gunsmith I think that could give some really good results.


That is the site I got half my parts from. I gave the sub the full meal deal they didn’t have the recoil buffer or sling mount so went through another Canadian company for a few things. You could build 2 of these in the U.S. for what this project ended up costing but this thing is sweet. See how it runs in the morning trigger feels good though.


Great news.

What was the other company you ordered parts from.

Was it out west?

I was also looking for a few more items. Maybe I can check in with them.



Yes it was Calgary Shooting Center https://store.theshootingcentre.com/ between both sites you can get everything.



TYVM, I bookmarked the page for future use. Can’t get the Missouri Tactical Butt Pad for the SUB2000 in Canada anywhere.
Too bad. Only excellent comments here about it.

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