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Lordy, what have I done? Kel-Tec related

True, point made, although even a ICE will run for a time without oil… wouldn’t recommend that either…LOL :thinking:


Definitely, but a pump shotgun is a very, very simple device, even the KSG12. :grinning:


I got my KSG12 back from Kel-Tec today. Super fast turnaround time. Upon inspection, it seems much better. It operates more smoothly and seems less janky all around. The firing pin sticks out past the breech face much more than the old one, so that should fix the light strike issue. The chamber was definitely polished so that, along with a new extractor, should fix the extraction problems I had. I’m able to easily take it all the way down now without having to beat it apart with a plastic mallet. Loading and shucking dummy rounds with some live rounds (outside) went smoothly and positively. I don’t have to rack the pump/slide hard at all to get a shell to release from a mag tube. Now, I just need to find the time to get out and shoot it. And, the new Ruger LCP Max I just picked up today, too. Seems I can’t stop buying guns! :crazy_face:


@Wedge I’m curious to know whether it feeds 2.75" & Mini shells? Let us know when you can.


Seems like most of us here share this wonderful problem. Aint it great. :laughing: i like them all big caliber small caliber, semi-auto,revolver,single shot,ugly ones,pretty ones,square or rounded,big body or slim


Mine is now feeding 2 3/4 in shells just fine. I haven’t tried the minis like the Aguila mini slugs. They do work for some, though, if you search for reviews.


@Wedge …The one I sold after tricking out and changing the followers etc did feed them but the platform was a bit erratic. Hope it runs like a beast for you.