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Loose Mcarbo Trigger guard issue

This trigger guard was installed by gunsmith years age and always worked fine. When I picked it up today this happened. It is very loose but does lock up if i try to close the guard but does not seem right. What did I do? Used to work better then the original. Could the trigger guard spring break. I can see the spring is there.

Thank you in advance.



Recently snug up your barrel?

Fairly common to need help closing on tight barreled s2ks. But, I’ve never heard of the guard spontaneously getting tight like this.

If it feels loose, send it back to Kel Tec. If it feels “tight,” you may be fine but do verify lockup before firing.


NO never touched the barrel. only took off the handguards a year ago to add a pic rail.
Thank you! Will this video work? I hope so it shows how loose and broken it is. Think it will still function but this is my truck gun. I will likely call KelTec

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Don’t shoot it like that - that’s LOOSE.

Looks like your smith needs to go back in and hook the leg on the trigger guard spring. That spring is not sitting correctly and may be broken.

If you don’t take my advice re not shooting it … at a minimum, make your support hand into a spring to keep it closed securely.


and @dansmith1274 Welcome aboard.

good advice here^


Great advise. Thank you. I will have to put it on hold until corrected. I agree if needed to fire It seems locked but not with that snap at the end. Your the best. Thank you for your quick response.

One more- Kel tec would charge to repair because of the aftermarket right?

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Yep leg on trigger guard needs to be in place. Probably came loose when he closed the 2 halves. Definitely dont shoot. The trigger gaurd holds barrel in place.


Should be a warranty fix at KT if it is a broken spring. But if it was improper assembly on the part of the smith that did your install, I dunno. I’m confident they won’t charge more than they ask for a MCARBO parts install.