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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


@Violentmarauder thanx for the link, going to give the mauler a closer look. love the 5160 steel useage


Yeah the usage of sprung steel sold me. The video I watched was them bending the deuce II to a 90 degree angle and it went right back to shape afterwards.


still like my old Gerbers, from the late 70s as well. lotta mileage on em…


and big an lil one, my trackers…



my old scottish blackwatch,1786 pattern, …



Very nice!! I like it!


Congratulations “it will kill”.


ya could kill for that guinness :joy: @GOBLIN



The Guinness is an ‘old collectors edition?’ LMAO


Guinness in general :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: if you can see daylight thru it, your not drinkin real beer…


and if you can get a match stick to stand up straight in the head its a perfect pint but i think that only applies to a draught pint @GOBLIN


Henry was a couple of weeks late getting my Golden Boy to me, and by way of apology they sent a gun bag and knife. Probably won’t use the knife much, but it’s a nice item


One of my favorites. Schrade Old Timer👍


@TheThreeLaws that was good of them knife looks ok i could find plenty use for it :smiley:


I like the older schrade’s, like the “deerslayers” 150T big brother to the "sharpfinger,
bought these 2 for 9$ each, re-scaled them with canvas micarta, polished and sharpened the blades, and did the lanyard hole as hidden. love bringing the old blades back to life…


a finr looking set of twins you got there buck @GOBLIN


if you can still find em, and your into throwing. Balance Masters. Old man that made these is now gone, but not forgotten. same blades that were used in sideshows and circus around the world. wont bend, wont break, go exactly where you sent it and bury. I bought 6 when i found the shape and balance i liked.


I’m amazed at the quality and variety of blades that are posted. I’ve always been a Kershaw fan and my edc is either a Ken Onion Blur or Launch 7.