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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


Quality materials and superior craftsmanship, combined with proper care and lack of abuse can yield a tool capable of making the difference between survival and death and lasting many lifetimes.
A good knife is a perfect example. These 2 are as nice as the day they were made and still hold their original edge.
On the left, 10,200-12,500 years and on the right 8,000-9,500 years. Good for the largest big game as well as the most dangerous predators of the ice age.

The size reference coin is a silver dollar size casino slug.


excellent chert points,

this is the Hell and Back survival knife from Primal gear, stainless model. yes, the bow drill divot, has bee used

I have their 55lb folding bow, girlchild runs the 45 lb one. excellent people to deal with.
second blade, HELLE Jagermister


pics of my older WASP , blackjack knives…


Work in progress project I’m in the process of finishing up. Still need to temper, add scales (going with local Live Oak), clean up the finger relief cut and do some clean up/finishing work and put an edge on it


looking good Chris be a sweet knife when finished


CaseXX D Crockett Bowie…


i like that it would go well in my collection


a couple of new ones that i added to my collection the weekend


Culd’nt find the topic for this but old cable drums make great target stands thats what i use


I like the Kuhkuri’s and karimbits as well.
this one is a older British military model, gifted to me by a Royal Marine.

and yea , I reshaped the scale, took the center ring off. ya get a lot of power from a "bent " blade.


My assisted opened Kershaw Cryo 2, and my new Ontario Rat II, purchased after strong recommendations in this thread. It’s a lovely little knife. I like the assisted nature of the Cryo but the Rat II opens very smoothly.


@TheThreeLaws it’s just such a perfect knife for $40. It really is best in class!


I actually paid just under $27, and with Christmas gift cards! Definitely can’t beat it at that point.


The Deuce II


Extrema Ratio Nemesis


DPX H.E.S.T. handy size smaller blade. i thicken up the scales on mine, so i can get a good grip…


@Violentmarauder nice i like that paul would go well with my collection


I got it from zombietools.net. Very cool collection of blades weapons and very durable. They gafeva few videos out on YouTube.


Sorry there wasn’t supposed to be a space between the words zombie and tools. I fixed the link.


no problem i had a look from the taskbar