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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


due to laws here i must keep guns in a safe[s] when not using the swords and the machete are for home protection and knives cover hunting and what ever else :imp:


That set is quite nice! very cool.


favorite lil sat night hideout, fits the hand real well. lil double edge, TOPS scorpions tail…


@GOBLIN I think I cut my self just looking at it. :grimacing:


thats a nice but unusual kind of knife [to me anyway ] never seen one before wouldnt mind adding one to my collection


is there a name for that type of knife and where would i get one


@hunter1916 looks like a very unique style of Karambit


thanks for i will try look it up on line


this one is made by TOPS knives, called the scorpions tail, it is a Karambit,only one ive found with that much of a bend…


was just looking them up could’nt see your one but sure its there ,thanks


note the curve and the edge on what should be the spine. called the RAZORBACK
from Hardcore Harware Australia. excelent knife is the CQC-01


is it double edge ? looks like it would make a nice handy field knife


single edge, but wouldnt take a lot to sharpen the lower false edge

another one from Hardcore Hardware the MFK

.250 thick slab of D2. your not going to break it…


One of my workhorses. Benchmade Mini Griptilian.


@Kona hey there’s the Mcarbo mascot haven’t seen Kona in a while glad to see she also has an affinity for good blades looks like that one has her attention, or either thinks you have a treat in your hand lol


@Flogrown she’s just nosy haha. She’s being a pest right now actually haha


We got to get her some fresh Mcarbo gear made, I wanna see her head in the logo behind the crossed subs for mcarbo. I will not rest til it’s done lol


She’s not nosy, She’s just making sure to have the latest Intel and complete situational awareness, of everything going on. LOL


@jeffing65 I like that! Hahaha


@Kona That’s a “photo bomb” if I ever saw one…or she thinks that’s a treat in your hand.