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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


Here’s a few I made…


A few more…


Wow Brother! Those look fantastic!! Better’n the news first thing in the morning. Great craftsmanship. Awesome array👍


Thanks! I am more into my Artist Blacksmith art but I do dabble a little into knives.


@T.L.Buck They are works of art.


Here’s a few samples of my Blacksmith art…
Sorry if I hijacked the thread…


@T.L.Buck Your work is beautiful, you have a skill.


Thank you. I appreciate it


M390 one of the best EDC metals IMHO. Just sharpened; edge should last months before it gets too dull for my liking.


A Marble’s Ideal. Not bad shape for a 90 to 100 year old knife.


Not an Ideal! Is a Woodcraft!


I’m sorry about that! I thought this picture had been resized! I’ll take care of that!


Just changed pic, the other was a large hi rez, I hope it didn’t cause anyone any problems.



you do some beautiful work , love the file work TLbuck, ive made a few, but, they arent as eye pleasing. made from a leaf spring off a 51 chevy one ton. i had to change a spring pack out, and to me, no such thing as scrap metal.


@GOBLIN You made that out of a leaf spring? You should be proud, it is eye pleasing.


that is an awsome weapon lovely work


nice collection and prob, many years of good hunting


I am really fond of the ZT 0770CF, bought one for myself and my son!


your right, they have been there for many good hunts.


Nice Work,My Father carried one made from 36 Chevy in W.W. 2 That one his Enlisted men made for him,Some Hard Ass Steel’:sunglasses:


Helle Knives of Norway - Knife Roll. Top to bottom:

  1. Harding
  2. Utvaer
  3. Viking
  4. Arv
  5. Trofe
  6. Eggen


Beautiful knife. I just had to change the clip. Blade really flys outta there.