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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


@FrankG Looks great. How long is it? I can’t tell by the picture .


then theres the twins. Schrade’s , older ones, I customized 150T deerslayers


@godallmighty. I believe the blade is 18" .


I have never seen one before. very cool!
The kinfe is reminiscent of a buck-master.


So you guys like Microtech…


and they always a SWAMP RAT. my favorite, the RATMANDU

and a DPX H.E.S.T.


Today’s carry.


i have three Sebbies - a plain large, plain small, and WTP w/a wharncliff (which goes w/my P238):

on the Gulf of Mexico


Now that’s a badass combo. I really liked the WTP 1911, but couldn’t quite justify paying almost twice what I paid for my Colt. Never seen that knife though, I like it.


@TheThreeLaws it’s a Chris Reeves Sebenza. Very expensive. $400+


Yeah did some Google-fu and found it. Lovely, but I’m gonna have to pass haha


@TheThreeLaws the only $400+ knife I would be ok buying is a Microtech.


yep, they are… the plain ones weren’t as much when i got them, but after dilly-doinking around with various knives and types of knives, i’ve settled on Spyderco H1 for salt-water activities (wade fishing) and one of two small Sebbies for pocket carry…

i do have a several lever- and OTF autos… but like many toys, remain locked in a box in the closet

on the Gulf of Mexico


Some of my sharps…


Different day, different knife…


Love the Zero Tolerance ( pricy but worth it)


@Jimbo Kershaw knifes are their affordable brand if you will. Both brands are great and crafted pretty good for a production blades.

Here is the weekend warrior…


I like cChris Reeves fixed blades, have 1, a GB, good fit and feel. but folders, the Grayman SATU is my favorite.takes anything, you can throw at it. and more.



The next best thing to new gun day! I was going to say pallet of ammo day.:sunglasses: