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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


I’d say these are probably my 3 favorites in my collection.


@NightKing one day I’ll own a Micro


It’s worth it. All their knives are awesome. Just pricey lol My goal is to someday own all the knives they make. I’d rather have a Micro over Benchmade any day.


Nice! is the middle one a HK .OT.F. Love Mine!


Nope it’s a Microtech Ultratech.


@DivaMarie Microtech Ultratech. They retail around $400 depending on models.


Really’ Whats the Big Difference of it and the H.K. I can get the for mention new for 2 bills here?


@DivaMarie I’ve never owned either but I’ve played with a few micros. I can tell you that it’s easy to see why they are so expensive. Fit, finish, and quality all top notch.


My Only Bitch with the HK is that it does not hold as good of a edge as some of my old Gerber’s or Buck knifes.


Made this from an ebay blade blank, hilt is orange kydex and oak from a pallet.

Next project was making a sheath for it.

It had been a long time since my last leather project so the stiching wasnt as neat as id have liked.


Holy crap man! Fergit the stitching I’m looking at that blade!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Chris19d Just love the look of small fixed blade knifes . Thanks for sharing . Your stitching is great. Here is a picture of my first and last try at stitching leather. Made this back in 1977. Time has not helped it at all, still looks like s***. :rofl:


a few of my favorite things



New Knife day!!! Razor sharp out of the box!!:heart:️:heart:️:+1::+1::+1::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:20180901_183630


mine was free!!! well it cost me a few enlistments:smiley: old girl and me been around the world more than once. with my original had sheath. the bottom one i found under a old crate, with the handle rotted off. redid it in walnut spacers and gave it to a friend…


my new " bead" showed up today, got it to remind me of my current battle with the VA, as this last botched year has turned me into something of a “Lab Rat” sometimes it seems like.
Put it on my old Chris Reeve. even a knife likes a lil dress up every now and again…! and Guinness is good anytime


Liked this style so much, I bought 4. good thing to, excellent blades, made By GREKO .now i have 2, as both my daughters have one. (smaller blade is the GREKO, large is a Busse BM)


Found this one in an old hunting bag. Don’t know when or where I got it.


that one a Mulea? similar profile to a Jungle King… started to put this one in the builds thread, as ive went as far as to have the blade re-heat treated, as well as making the plug, guard internal container, ect, and am currently working on the arrows, as its a SKASA system, designed by a excellent man, Jim Gullette and then production was so botched By Taylor brands that he tried to pull them off the market to salvage his name and reputation.
(last pic it what it was supposed to be like)

i saw and handled one of the original prototypes, before he died, so i know it works, I finally found one of the kits, still in plastic, with the intent to make it what it was supposed to be.

the arrows are being tricky. on my 4th prototype. chanced the slingbow bit out to bronze bushings in the pulley’s.

still a work in progress.



A lil something.