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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


@Danno Do they make “handicap walkers” with swords in them?..dual swords!


Just got this Ka-Bar for my birthday this week. I carried a Ka-Bar 18 of my 20 years in the Army. Lost it in some foreign country, and for 2 years I carried a pilots survival knife which I absolutely hated. I loved the Ka-Bar so much, I bought one identical to this one and presented to my Grandson who is a Sgt in the 82nd. He carries it to this day, and was with him in two (so far) deployments to Afghanistan. His mother knowing I wouldn’t buy one now, decided to surprise me with this. She did. I remember dressing an 8 point buck at Ft Indiantown gap in 1986 with my old Ka-Bar, which in those ancient times did not have the serated edge close to the finger guard. It made quick work of the entire operation!
As an aside, in 1976,when I commanded Co C, 3/32d Infantry, 7th Infantry Division (Ft Ord, CA) I wanted to train all my soldiers in knife fighting. I could not find any instructional material in the Army inventory at that time, and got a big zero from the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command. Apparently, they thought such knowledge was not needed by Infantry soldiers!?!?!?!? Undeterred, I asked my NCO’s if we had ANYONE in our Company who had knife fighting experience. Turns out WE DID! We had 3 soldiers who grew up together in the Bronx, NY, who by virtue of where they grew up, and the times then, survived numerous deadly knife fights. I pulled them out of their platoons, and along with my 1SGT and training NCO, and armed only with a WWII knife fighting manual I bought at an Army/Navy store. They developed a wonderful POI (Program of Instruction), And along with 14 rubber knives I bought at a local toy store, taught my company how to survive, and win in a knife fight!


On the more ridiculous side of things…


A gift from my dad. It’s not practical or very high quality but I can’t seem to get rid of it!


My brother likes to build gigantic swords. Friend of mine wielding a custom buster sword.




I’m a Ken Onion fan. My favorite is the Blur with belt sheath by Danny Collins.


Yes you can add a photo here just click on the arrow with the line under it and browse for your photo.


I know that feeling of using the walker and feeling a little bit naked with out some sort of protection. Lucky for me it was short lived. Only in the walker for a couple of weeks.


I decided to join the NRA after being out of it for 10 years. I didn’t want another hat, I have more then I will ever wear and the bags just fall apart so I decided to go with the knife(LOL). It is a nice looking knife really dull and the blade is just over 2" so it’s legal to carry when working. Max length is 2.5" for work. I can use it to open letters and boxes and that’s about all. I wouldn’t want to depend on it for my survival.IMG_20180516_184441410%20(640x354)


Nothing particularly special about this folder but Tristar pistols are my favorite CZ clones on the planet and I told a company rep one time I was disappointed I couldn’t come to an event they had a booth at. He asked for my personal address and to my surprise I received a swag box filled with stickers, koozies, a shirt, and this Tristar stamped knife. I never use it but it’s definitely got a second kind of cool factor.


I have found that I prefer a carbon steel blade to the stainless steel blade. I can’t get the SS ones to sharpen like I can the CS. Is there a secret to the SS blade to get it sharp


I carry these in my emergency bag in the car I always found them to be useful, wire cutters hammer spike/pry bar and a useful self defense weapon.


Is that blade a Carbon Steel or Stainless


@KM55 it is D2 steel


I used to carry this in the car but it is too heavy to lug around, being a federal employee you have to get creative with what you carry to protect yourself without violating the rules.


When a gun is not enough :skull_and_crossbones:


a few that were easy to dig out for a pic.


Nice Selection ! I carried The Buck or Case lower left in Country 66, You don’t have any Auto Knifes in Picture,Just got a (H.K.) O.T.F for $ 200.00 Love it.


if you mean the folding lock blade, bottom left. it is indeed a buck. just the name buck hand stamped on blade, 1 side.
or did you mean the bottom right? It is a pre ww2 PAL manufactured by Remington arms