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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


Not everyone knows knives, he is here to learn just like the rest of us so be understanding and help him instead of being short. Thank you


@zippersnapper Thank you for that response, now I know. I entered this forum for gun talk not knowing I would be learning all kinds of things outside of guns.


thank you, we are all her to share and learn.


Is that the marine Ka-bar?


Very Nice Sir! A Updated Early K Bar design or Similar ?


I really want a Becker BK2 for a camp knife. how much larger is the 9


Love that KA-BAR :heart_eyes:. This is my camp knife. Steel Will Roamer.


That is nice, how long is the blade and how thick is the spine


that is awesome, is it hard to custom make items.




Specs aren’t to bad. does it hold the edge well?


Did you have any issues with it not holding the edge. My brother in law has the Bk but I’m not sure which one. and he had to remove the black finish to get the knife to even sharpen the knife.


Come to think of it I really don’t need to start another hobby. the wife is still a little upset with the guns and reloading.


My biggest problem with a knife is I’m lousy at sharpening them. We all know dull knives are more dangerous to us them what you use it on.


@km55 D2 steel is gtg. First thing I did was cut through a bunch of soda cans and cardboard with it. I’ve used it a bunch and still haven’t sharpened it yet. If you’re so inclined buy one of Steel Wills more affordable offerings and you will be blown away by the quality.


That is good to know, I need a good camping knife besides my Mora


It’s like everything else speed is not your friend


Case Sod Buster


Actually it’s out of many, one.


The Kershaw Leek is always clipped inside my pants pocket.

The Cold Steel cane sword is a frequent companion when I go out. The blade is 24" long and SUPER SHARP.