Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


my old original Busse, 1st year, LOLOL carried all over the world with me, and My Greco.


@Dane ahhahahahahha…:+1::+1:

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dont know if ive already showed it, Dalton “Soul Taker” one of the few manual openers he made, slick as butter on the open

, sharp and quick. I added my own glass breaker butt spike.
made it (backspacer ) out of grade 1 titanium , keep it light.


Kona, et al

Here is my collection of mostly Gerber knives:


this was my forced retirement gift from my brothers, when I got FUBAR. at the time i didnt own a small blade, and since i was going to be in a chair for a good while, they pooled their resources and hooked /crooked /had made me a Strider double edge, all of em are gone now, but i think of em, and can see their faces every time i pick up this blade. Best dang “gold watch” i ever got.

sorry to drag it on, ya get older, ya remember a lot of things, things that wouldn’t mean much to anyone else, but do to you.


@JohnB the third knife down, on the right as your looking at it, Is that a Gator?
Love the older Gerber’s, took me about 15 or so years to find another Parabellum, after i stupidly broke the first one, I had to find a USA made prior to Fiskars merger, with the swivel sheath. found one finally last year… thats the reason now, if I really really love a knife, I buy a second of the same model, and a spare sheath, before they put it out of production.
wish I coulda done that for the Spartan NYX I carry now, but i got the last one they had before they discontinued it… I am a full on knife addict…



Well, you certainly have great tastes in knives! You happened to pick my all-time favorite knife! It was my very first Gerber and is solid as a rock! Regarding the exact model, I believe you are correct. (Sorry, I can’t confirm it just now.)



you know how it is, when yer looking for something, and ya either miss it by a few seconds, or cant find it anywhere. LOLOL if nothing else knives have taught me patience…



Wow! That’s some knife! Never seen one quite like it, but I like it.

Thanks for sharing that with me/us.


some beautiful knifes on this tread and that isone of them @GOBLIN


Got a new EDC knife, Kershaw Natrix Cu. Shown new, and with a little over a week’s worth of patina.


MFK Gen 1 from Hardcore Hardware, Australia. D-2 steel .tough use blades.got this one, and a Razorback from them. gotta get pics of the Razorback (CQC) and the Fox Specwog for here.
I love this thread.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:
check em out… phphardcorehardware.com.au/hardware/cqc-01.php



Thanks for the picture and link.

On the link, which choice do we make to get to the blades? I saw:

About Computer Hardware
IT Computer Hardware
Hardware Store
Computer Hardware At
Lowes Hardware


@JohnB Those are “related links” that pop up, try typing Hardcore Hardware Australia directly in your search engine.



Thanks for the tip.

After going thru a “warning” page (oooh, scary knives coming!), I got to this:


Then, I clicked on Hardware and got a list of different types of knives and tomahawks. From that list, I clicked on various choices to see the lists that came up and from those lists - clicking on individual choices will bring up the related knife, etc.

Great! Now, we have a new source for knives, etc.!


Heres a pic of the Razorback from hardcore hardware, the SPECWOG from Fox Military Div, and the good old standard benchmade Bedlum…