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Looking Sharp! (Knife Pic Thread) And Other Non-Firearm Weapons


Anybody wanna share some pics of their knives? Favorite brands? Models? EDC? I’ll start!

Steel Will Cutjack. This has become my favorite EDC in the rotation and gets a lot of carry time. Fit and finish is outstanding. Blade edge retention is sharp and cuts through anything. I’m also a sucker for product packaging and Steel Will has it in spades!

The next best thing to new gun day!

Some of my non gun toys.



@godallmighty nice lot you have there! :+1:t2:


I have a rotation of knives that I carry based on what I do.

Typically I’ll leave a crkt otanashi no ken on me or a Microtech ultratech


@Whiskey dream knife is definitely a microtech. Oh oh and an Mcusta Kitana! :heart_eyes:


I have a folding long bow that is 1.5" x 1.5" x 23" folded 62" total length 50# pull. I am learning to shoot this thing but I can’t hit the side of a barn yet. the first photo is from the bows website. The second and third are mine. thIMG_20180501_182315557%20(640x480)IMG_20180501_182400389%20(640x480)


I meant to ask earlier but got busy. We’re you the one with the Samick Sage? I’ve had my eye on it for a while but it would be my first bow. I did however build a bow out of PVC, 550 cord, and and those trailer reflector poles. Saw it on YouTube and wanted to try it. That thing would sling an arrow buddy haha


H K Automatic’ out the front i post a picture but Cannon just Died.


I haven’t joined the auto game yet but I have my eye on a few of them. The lightning OTF is probably the cheapest entry at $40ish.


That is…awesome looking!


I’m the one with the samick sage. It’s not bad for a sub 150$ recurve which you can swap limbs on.


@Whiskey I would just be plinking around with it nothing serious.


Since this thread is the non firearms and I mentioned the bows and the knives. Here are just a few. I have more…


That would be a great backup weapon


That is to pretty to be used. I would put that in a display case.


How do you like the folding bow.


I like it! It’s like the Sub-2000, highly versatile we needed to be, very compact stow it away and it packs a punch.

The indoor range I take it to has a range of 60 ft and this thing has no problem hitting targets out there.


Ontario RAT 2. Legendary folder that’s seen a ton of carry time in my pocket.


I keep this one close by when in the wood or hiking. Still taking classes to improve on the skills but I feel good having it along. It’s a ka-bar 8" blade. .IMG_20180502_212808018%20(640x234)


@zippersnapper Wo wo wo, you said it was your design. I don’t know anything about that knife so just tell me, don’t yell at me.