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@Soundave You should check this post and then message @Screwball to talk about the stabilizer as well as what he observed about the M-Lok Mount screws before making a final decision.


Good info! Just bought the quick detach and angle mount.

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I’m going to give these items a try.
I’ll certainly let everyone interested how it turns out once I try them.
Although I may visit the possiblity of a cantilevered Mount to extend about 3" past the M locks towards the receiver, then the 90°. I’m just having trouble finding one with near 3" of cantalever ‘and’ about 5" or 6" of flat rail.

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@Soundave I spent a lot of time looking at cantilevered mounts for a scope on top of the S2K. I know this may not be exactly what you are looking for if you want to attach directly to the M-Lok slots (which may not exist). It would move you off the side of the gun by half an inch, but you may need that clearance for your optic anyway. Just wanted to make you aware of it.

Here’s the Link:


That’s a good next step. Thanks.

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@Soundave I’m looking forward to seeing the results. If it is stable, I may do the same thing to mount either a 1-4x or 3x prism scope; probably the latter. One thing about the S2K, any scope has to have HUGE eye relief given the mounting options. That 10" Lion Gears 25 slot Cantilever will help a lot in that department.


I’ve spentsome money trying to address some of the same issues. I’m 6’5" (pretty big head) and flat out can’t use the iron sights without discomfort. This gun seems perfect for a Red Dot so started browsing forums looking for advice.

Did not want to do the Red Lion deal due to cost and weight so tried the MI rotating mount. Nice design, would not hold zero. Some of that was the Mlock hookup, some was the hand guard flexes, and some is (speculation) the MI tension spring is not strong enough… Know some on this forum has good luck with their MI mount. This is just my experience.

Addressed the flexing issues with a couple hand guard stabilizers (http://www.performanceservicesmachining.com/kel-tec-sub-2000-products/kel-tec-sub-2000-handguard-stabilizer/). Helped but did not totally address all the issues.

Sent the MI mount back and have just been waiting for a better mount solution. Chris’s mount has been slow to be deployed plus it’s got what looks to me like a design issue that might be problematic, it’s not mounted on the barrel but aft of the receiver hinges.

Finally settled on what several here have done, a quick disconnect mount coupled with the RD. Did the filing needed to flatten out the rail, installed the QD and RD combo, zeroed the combo and shot a couple magazines. Seemed to hold just fine.

Disconnected the RD combo, folded the gun and let sit for 30 min, then reinstalled the combo and tested the zero point. It held zero just fine so I’m calling this good.

Gun is much more fun to shoot and easier to deploy that I expected.


With the cantilever riser I use, I had issues with vibration blurring the red dot. Which made rapid follow up inaccurate or more difficult to quickly “Aim small”
I put a rubber bumper on the bottom and it did the trick. Now the optic sits where I want and no vibration issues. Works perfectly.


@Gatekeeper That’s a great idea and one I will remember. Thanks for sharing.


That’s exactly what I’m looking for, except I only need about 15 Slots total with 7 or 8 slots being overhang to maintain folded length. I especially like the cantilever supports!


@Soundave Lion Gears makes several cantilever mounts including this shorter one that sounds close to what you are describing:

Search Amazon for “Lion Gears Cantilever” and I think you will find something you can use although it may not be low profile like the two I’ve shown you. Considering the price point, I’d be inclined to pull out my hacksaw and borrow a grinder to “customize” one of these to my needs before springing for a higher priced Larue, etc.

P,S. At this point you owe all of us a detailed report on the final result. :grinning:


@Soundave So where do you stand with your mount project? Is it complete? If so, how did it work out? Please share the details.


Stuck trying to find a picantinny mount which allows the sight to sit lower than the one I have.
I’ve been too busy with other things lately keep at it.
I currently have a lion’s gears BM05D90 http://www.liongears.com/prod_detail.php?prod_id=11
I would like to find something similar but without the open square spacer.20190402_131048|666x500

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@Soundave Lion Gears makes a 3 slot that fits your description (see link below).I could not quickly find a 5 slot but would be surprised if they do not make it as well. I would call them.


As I understand that part has the same height, it’s just hidden by the photo angle.
I went back to it all today and believe this is as good as I can get it. Without loosing all cheek weld I can use iron sights with my right eye, and my 2x red dot with my left eye(if I hunker down a little) I will have to mentally remember my point of impact will be about 2.75" lower and 1.75" to my right depending on distance and other environmental factors.



Sorry about that last photo but my sub was still dirty from shooting the other day. (Without a battery for the scope)


Glad you added thar sentence. If, when I was a kid, my dad ever saw a firearm that dirty I’d been grounded for a week and made to clean that weapon everyday even after the initial cleaning.


@Soundave Thanks for posting your results. I have two questions. 1. Has the long picatinny provided a stable M-Lok mount? 2. Is it holding zero with that long cantilever off the main picatinny rail?

If both answers are affirmative you have proven the concept and I may try my variation if I can find the time and a few spare bucks. It starts just like yours, but uses a shorter cantilever ending in front of the existing rear sight. It then would use a flip over mount to put the scope or red dot on top of the firearm just in front of the rear sight.
The problem is that flip mounts generally are designed to flip the other way and I will either have to find one designed to do the reverse or work around that limitation. Something like the mount below might work depending on the open position and how stable it is. If I can work that out, then when finished, you would just flip it back and fold like in your configuration.


Your original post seeking help expressed two desires but concluded with a link to the Lion Gears mount you now have and the statement “I would like to find something similar but without the open square spacer.” While I am not the parts search bunny, I did make the effort and found a part fitting that description.