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I thought this could be a useful thread.
Everyone here seems very knowledgable.


I’m looking for something like this crude drawing. Preferably in a 5 slot Picatinny length. or so


45 degree mount? Or a mount that comes off of 45 degree into a 90?


The first 2 will allow a S2K to fold, second 2 maybe.


I already have this one, https://www.amazon.com/WOLTIS-Picatinny-Profile-Adapter-Attachment/dp/B01EADV6BE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1546623122&sr=8-4&keywords=45+degree+offset+picatinny+rail+mount
I want the pictured mount to attach to the woltis to raise and level an optic. Currently I have a Burris trophy trs-25 and an ozark Armament reflex sight.


Is that glitter? Maybe you had to raid the kids art supplies? :smiley:


Unfortunately I don’t think anything like that is currently made. That would be a lot of attachment points to keep stable.


@Soundave Just to be clear; are you essentially trying to convert a 45 degree mount to a 90 degree mount alongside the bore of the gun? Because I believe there are mounts intended to do that directly as a single mount straight off the top picatinny or the M-Lok slots.


I’m trying to do that, sans the directly above rail metal.


@Soundave That’s what I thought…and feared based on your use of the Woltis as a starting point.

Let me say first that based on reviews and the method of attachment for the Woltis, that it is highly unlikely to stay mounted in the scenario you propose, and if it does it is even less likely to hold zero on an optic. As mentioned in my previous post, there are other ways to do what you want with a stable and secure mount, but you will have metal above the rail and will probably need to use a QD mount.

The most straightforward is an offset rail like this one:

A second choice is two 90 degree rail adapters like this five slot from Lion Gears:

They also offer a three slot:

These are fairly low profile but I doubt they would allow you to fold the sub.

Finally, you could throw this adjustable one into the mix and it would do what you are wanting to do with the Woltis, but I think it is likely to just compound the problems noted above:

Why can’t you just use another 45 degree mount turned the other way to make a combined 90? The Woltis gives you a standard picatinny. Why not mount a standard 45 degree mount to that like the TACFUN shown in @Scooter’s post only reversed? If they are both true 45 degree mounts, the end result should be a level 90 degree alongside the bore.

I still don’t think the Woltis will work with all that mounted to it but it would remove the adjustability of the TufForce Mount from the mix.

Hope that helps.


I guess I’ll just have to wait for the MCARBO mount to hit the streets.


@Soundave Maybe not. I thought about it some more and where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just use the M-Loks. But don’t attach a mount directly because the M-Loks on the S2K are not strong enough or stable enough to hold an optic. Instead, attach a picatinny rail section at least 9 slots long like the following (you can spend a lot more or a lot less; this is an example):

Then attach the Lion Gears 5 slot 90 degree mount to that. Doing it this way will spread the load over multiple M-Lok slots and should provide a stable mount accomplishing what you want. Be sure the rail uses at least three M-Lok attachment points - four or five would be better. If you do this, please report back so other members can learn from your efforts.


You are correct about M-Lok on the S2K not holding zero. I had to use 2 ton epoxy to install a 3 slot rail on an M-Lok to mount a laser sight. It’s a semi-permanent install but it holds zero. Without the epoxy, it wouldn’t hold zero.


Does anyone have any experience with this mount?


@Soundave I do not have personal experience but I have read good reviews of the stabilizer itself and the concept makes sense. Using that approach should accomplish what I was suggesting in spades in terms of a stable M-Lok mount that you could then mount the 90 degree Lions Gears mount to.

In general terms, check out this thread for problems with the M-Lok mounts on the S2K and why it is important to spread the load or, in this case, transfer it to the barrel.

Again, keep us posted on your results and good luck.



PSM makes good products, I’m sure that picatinny mount is no different. I’m just not a fan of clamping anything to any of my firearm barrels if I don’t have to.


I am pretty cheap so $80 for a rail is too much for me. $6 of 2 ton epoxy and a cheap Chinese rail is rock solid. LOL


@Scooter I also am cheap but as a fellow Scouter I prefer the word Thrifty. Take a look at the Midwest Mount post above for some alternative solutions. :grinning: Also, since the rail is being used to spread the load, I think a $10-15 polymer one would do the trick as long as it uses at least 3 M-Lok mounting points and preferably 4 or more. You could even drill your own extra ones. After all, the handrail is polymer so I’m not sure an aluminum rail adds much unless it is coupled with a stabilizer.


Props to Joe Friday … those are about the most helpful posts … pic of each option + advice… I’ve ever seen on any gun forum


I’ve been reading nearly all posts on this site. You fellas are awesome. I expected nothing less than great advice and believe I’ve gotten it. Thanks to everyone who has helped guide me, a very newcomer to the world of customizable options. I look forward to all of your knowledgeable and kind assistance to come.